PPAP: Passports, Parties And Pizza

The weekend has been pretty *busy* for me~ It was so enjoyable but that just means work came faster. Lels time flies when you’re having fun, as they say.

Well, here’s an update after so long!


Early start because Jan and I (along with my brother) went to process our passports! We’ve been talking about getting them since forever but we FINALLY did. There was a mishap on my part, which was so stupid of me. Huhuhu but anyhoo, I was able to finish everything around 1PM. Jan did earlier, before lunch, so you can see the processing isn’t as long and tedious as we thought. November 15, come already! I can’t wait to have my very own passport in my hands. It’ll be hello Seoul / Hongkong / Japan / Singapore, etc soon! Kyaaaa


By 6PM, I had to attend a party with Mama and sis~ It’s something I didn’t really want to go to but… fine. Opportune time and place for photos though, but I need a good photographer! Ugh SMH at sibling


KPop and JaDine friend, Joy, was there too and we couldn’t miss taking a picture, of course!


Too bad there wasn’t really time to chat


Come Sunday and I went to church with Franie. It was planned that day only – honestly, I love instant plans like that. Lels

After the 3PM mass at the Cathedral, we proceeded to Good Fellas Pizza since they have the “49 pesos on the second pizza” promo. It was my first time there too~






Franie and I then dropped by Ketkai for a stroll before going home because bored and not accepting that Monday is coming again. Hahaha



There you go!

Btw, is there what you call a blog rut? It’s happening to me. Lels hope I can post more. Srsly. Tsk

Have a happy and productive work week, yall!

3 thoughts on “PPAP: Passports, Parties And Pizza

  1. OMG! Very nice! I like this post! I just followed you and would love to be blogger friends! I just posted my London trip ! I blog every day too! Paris, Italy, and Germany would be up soon too! Enjoy! Hope to hear from you soon! XOXO – CHY http://herlostmango.com/ I’m a Filipina leaving in California! XOXO


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