A ‘Dream Come True’ Fan Account: #BBMADEinManila

It’s already 2 months after what I would consider the best day of my life – so far, that is.

Seeing Big Bang in the flesh, singing, dancing, even just STANDING and BREATHING before me is definitely a memory that won’t be that easy to forget. And I don’t want to, of course! ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

A teeny bit of history: I got to randomly know the group via YouTube when I came across Haru Haru and Sunset Glow. I think I’ve read that they’re big in Korea too, so…

That was 2009 and here we are, in 2015, and I’m still captured by their never-ending talents and charms. (๑★‿★๑)

(Understand the fangirl’s cheesiness, pretty please.)

Again, it’s 2015, and I’m absolutely happy and blessed to have gone to their concert~ FEELS ALL OVER!!!! Happee Sy has hinted about it months before and so, I readied myself for the spending. I know Big Bang is obviously expensive, lels, but I’m sure with some a lot of saving, I can buy meself a ticket.

It was my first time to see them, actually. While they’ve had their Alive Tour in Manila last 2012, I wasn’t able to fly because thesis/exams happened. Of course, I cannot exchange my education for them. Chos. That may seem cringe-worthy but it rings true, even when I ponder about it now. 🙂

Now, can I just walk you through…

JULY 30, 2015

Big Bang’s MADE Tour in Manila?

BBMADEinManila (1)

So, that’s the airport, the view from my plane seat, and I was just off to the capital from Cagayan de Oro at 9AM of D-DAY.

Being the overthinker, undoubtedly I worried about the weather. It even rained the night before, which deepened my concerns but well, THANK GOD. Or else, the hard-earned money and immense efforts will be put to waste. That’d be a huge blow and reality check to me ㅠㅠ

(L-R) Me, Brambram, Nath

Concert buddies! Nath and I were on the same flight, while Brambram was on the 11AM one with a new fanboy friend, Natoi. Good heavens I had company in the form of Nath because that made everything more exciting and easier in some sense.

After touchdown, we had a mini adventure from Terminal 3 to 1 (they’re so far away from each other, wtf) consisting of being distinguished by a security guard to be Bisaya, riding the shuttle bus and sitting between 2 Chinese couples, not acting like fangirls and feigning ignorance about Big Bang’s arrival. Yes, it was crazy already when half of the day hasn’t even passed XD

Afterwards, we took off to MOA Arena and let it sink in how our dream is going to come true in a few more hours.

BBMADEinManila (2)

I got my VIP Dance sequence number here and Nath got her Royalty + Soundcheck perks. ISN’T SHE THE LUCKIEST

BBMADEinManila (3)
Can’t be without these for the concert!!!

Pro tip: you can’t starve if you want to survive the whole ordeal. Hence, Nath and I went to MOA, left our backpacks at a baggage counter and had our heavy lunch at Wendy’s.

Brambram and Natoi joined us at around 1PM+. I think we left them a bit to go to the arena since Nath’s going to line up by 3PM already and we both wanted to roam, have some photo sesh and get/buy merch.

BBMADEinManila (4)

BBMADEinManila (5)

BBMADEinManila (6)
We each got a free GD cupcake from #BBMADEusONE ✧

BBMADEinManila (7)

BBMADEinManila (8)

I didn’t take photos of the banners I got though, but we were able to collect many of them. Hihi. Sadly though, I wasn’t able to score Korean fansite-nims’ freebies~ (◞‸◟;) Except maybe for a GD sticker? MOA Arena is massive and distribution can happen at a side where you aren’t in. Tsk

BBMADEinManila (9)
With Brambram and Natoi

I reunited with these 2 since Nath and I had to part~ Huhu. This was very hassle for us because we were each bringing our bags and baggage counter will only be as we enter the concert hall itself. This is one of the main reasons I overworked my body for this vacation (o;TωT)o

BBMADEinManila (10)

BBMADEinManila (11)

Everyone waited by these cars, thinking that the Big Bang members were in them and will come out. I doubted that, but what else can I do but wait anyways. *shrugs*


He came so suddenly that I wasn’t able to take photos/videos but I’m serious, I was starstruck (●♡∀♡) He’s one of my Filipino biases after all, alongside James Reid. Sam was taller and whiter than I expected though. Well, he proceeded to go inside the arena after showing me his gorgeousness. Haha. Boy, I envy your money + connections~ Do you know I’m so envious how you can enter just like that, compared to a simple fangirl like me???

BBMADEinManila (12)

BBMADEinManila (13)
Fail frame ɷ◡ɷ

BBMADEinManila (14)

I don’t know why I succumbed to take a picture with this Taeyang cosplayer but anyhoo, he’s impressive, especially with the hair. He looked a bit like YB too but he’s the skinnier type?

BBMADEinManila (15)

BBMADEinManila (16)
Finally lining up here for entrance

When it was time for my ticket to be scanned, it didn’t work, which was so alarming~ I was worried as it is, and it didn’t help that the fans behind me kept complaining why the line didn’t budge. But whew, all the ticket machines didn’t function, not just mine, so that got me relieved. That minor glitch definitely gave me a fright!!

Another story: Tricia Gosingtian is one of my fave bloggers and I’ve always tweeted her (or more like, pestered her. Hahaha) about the concert, if she was coming, if I could meet and take a photo with her… She replies, which is so cool, and she’s affirmed to these questions.

When we were inside, I checked Twitter and this was our exchange:

But Starbucks was at the other side of where I was, and I was already in line for the other entrance to the showground itself. I could go out but that would mean I’m sacrificing my chance to be by the front rows. Standing area is a battlefield, mind you 😛

BBMADEinManila (17)

Moving on, here’s the crown lightstick lit up. I couldn’t get enough of its beauty~ Raised it high and waved it hard, that’s what I did ♡〜٩(^▿^)۶〜♡

BBMADEinManila (18)

This is once I got in. The stage and screens were so big, and they were showing Big Bang MVs, naturally. Those seated right there are Royalty ticket holders.

BBMADEinManila (19)


BBMADEinManila (20)

I was around 2nd to 3rd row by the left side, facing the stage. I was near the moving ramp too~ I chose to stay there because GD’s position for Bang Bang Bang opening was right in front of me. NEED TO BEHOLD HIS PERFECTION FIRST

Downside was there was a very tall girl in front of me, and that obstructed my view at times. Then again, I just had to move a bit to solve that. I find ways Ü

BBMADEinManila (21)

And it’s time… To show yall my humble snaps of the members themselves! ♥

I don’t have a DSLR but I’m just really happy I was able to have these as tangible “proofs” and “memories” of being there. Lels #childish

BBMADEinManila (22)

BBMADEinManila (23)

BBMADEinManila (24)

BBMADEinManila (25)

BBMADEinManila (26)

BBMADEinManila (27)

BBMADEinManila (28)

BBMADEinManila (29)

BBMADEinManila (30)

BBMADEinManila (31)

Jiyong’s back is even glorious. Haha. This was when Seungri did Pabebe/Gwiyomi and he turned to do an embarrassed laugh. GRI SAILING

BBMADEinManila (32)

And speaking of the maknae, he’s a bias wrecker!!!! I know he’s handsome but his looks and aura were no joke irl. He was also cheeky and hilarious, as always, and that helped him earn more pogi points from moi ❀

Surprisingly and regrettably, I don’t have any of Taeyang. I don’t know why at all. I focused on having more fancams I guess, like this one of him:

I have yet to upload my other videos and it’s been 2 months after the show as I said. Slow Internet will forever be my excuse XD

Want some snippets?

Check out my Vine too for more~

BBMADEinManila (33)

To be part of this yellow ocean is surreal, even now. ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

BBMADEinManila (34)

Post-concert happenings:

BBMADEinManila (35)

BBMADEinManila (36)

This 2-3 hour event is definitely a DREAM COME TRUE for me. It came with work, luck maybe, and no doubt, prayer. I wouldn’t be there if I didn’t want it, I didn’t sweat for it, and if God didn’t allow me to. Truly, thank You, Lord!!!! (*’∀’人)♥

BBMADEinManila (37)

I promised myself to see and watch Big Bang even once, more so this year since they’re likely off to the army soon. And I didn’t regret doing so because of how crazy good they are. The live performances just leave you speechless. This was the concert that srsly got me jumping and dancing. ENJOYED IT TO THE MAX. In any case, this was a personal goal that I didn’t want people to know, even my closest of friends. They were aware of it eventually (or some caught on early) but I just made it as a secret because flying and going to concerts may not be their cup of tea. And I understand that. So, understand me too (ʃƪ˘・ᴗ・˘)

This was long, huh? Well, everything got piled up and honestly, this isn’t even half of the things I wanna share. It was hard to shorten this, even! Hahaha

Special shout out to miss Bea Prisa:

BBMADEinManila (38)

I won a lightstick by joining her contest ^^

I didn’t expect that one though. Weeeeh

Aigoooo this makes me miss that day even more (﹡ᵗ ᵔ ᵗ ﹡) Can I go back in time please?? XD Hmm. Any of you out there who went to #BBMADEinManila too? Let’s spazz together~ BIG BANG THE BEST!!!!

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