TRAVEL 2016 #2: Bantayan Island, Cebu – Day 2

‘여행’ translates to ‘travel’ and this is a series of posts about my trips for every year in the life.

It’s our second day in Bantayan Island (Day 1 here) and we woke up earlier than we do in real life (hahaha, okay fine it’s just me) to witness the sun rising.


Twinsss ♡


They are like my bestest friends in the world! (✿ ♥‿♥) I’m happy to have crossed off Bantayan from my travel bucket list with them. And here’s to hoping I’ll see the rest of the world with all the best friends!

Afterwards, we used our rented motorcycles to town proper and feed ourselves breakfast. With 2 units, we broke down to 2 groups: Ate Kams and I then Gili, Jan and Anna Mari.


The selfie-ing was a-okay since the roads are very clear of vehicles and people, it’s really just like your own little island~ And thank God for the nice weather!


And because it’s a Sunday, of course, it’s mass day!


Too bad though, the church was under construction. But perhaps it needed the update because…

Sts. Peter & Paul Parish is the oldest parish in Cebu, founded by Augustinian Missionaries on June 11, 1580.


Schedules for Holy Mass and other events below:


I don’t know why we did but we went to a mangrove sanctuary. It’s kinda related to my work before so I felt it’s not welcome to the itinerary, especially that I’m there to unwind! Hahaha kidding

But actually, we went to the wrong place? Lels we asked some locals and they pointed us to the first one though. And we followed street signs too.


Anyhoo, we paid an entrance fee of 30 pesos. Okay, I’m up to taking care of the environment~


We realized we were wrong when we drove by the OMAGIECA Obo-ob Mangrove Garden nearby. Haha


Another must-visit in Bantayan Island is the Ogtong Cave Resort, the sister resort of Santa Fe Beach Resort. As its name suggests, it houses the Ogtong Cave, which is what we’re really visiting. Since we’re not staying in the resort, we paid an entrance fee of 100 pesos.


But first…


Hahaha when I did my research, I saw they had this flower wall and it’s just photo-worthy! No way I’m gonna pass it up. Lels


We spent time doing underwater shots / videos here even though it was so cramped. Other tourists are there as well so you have to respect each other’s space and all that.

Afterwards, we went to the beachside – it’s not as impressive as that of Budyong Beach Resort. It’s not very clean… So, we settled on taking group pictures! Thanks to Gili’s waterproof phone ^^


We were to leave the island already so we decided to just go back to our resort and enjoy the beautiful beach there. Budyong was just the best, I recommend it to yall!

Last photo op in Ogtong Cave entrance

Last swim before life and reality strikes back. Huhuhu


And oh! If you see this little girl, she sells seashells on the seashore! Hahaha


It’s even only 10 pesos per necklace. It’s a pretty and super affordable souvenir for yourself, family and / or friends~

Whew… Bantayan Island is really such a gem. After Siargao, it’s my most fave travel destination locally (so far). I definitely got some peace and relaxation away from adult life. Chos


And to prove I didn’t really have a care in the world then, here’s the aftermath:


But the sunburn was nothing compared to the fun 😛 By the way, we met my mommei, Kathleen, when we got back to the city. Sadly, she wasn’t able to come with us to Bantayan so we squeezed in some time to bond even if it’s already so late and we have our early flight by tomorrow. I’m a travel hustler, that’s fosho

♫ ‘Till my next adventure! ❤

4 thoughts on “TRAVEL 2016 #2: Bantayan Island, Cebu – Day 2

  1. Bantayan looks like paradise! Some of my friends who have been there told me that I should definitely visit soon 🙂 Also, may I ask how many hours does it take to reach the island from the city center?

    Nice photos by the way! And it’s sooo cool that your name’s Pearly! Haha it’s how my friends call me even though my name is just Pearl lol 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. OMG you read my blog?? Waaah I read yours too (in case you didn’t know… XD) And yeah, same name! 🙂 My friends call me Pearl. Haha baliktad ta~ But yasss you should go to Bantayan ^^ From my experience, around 3 hrs to Hagnaya Port via van then another hour for the ferry to Bantayan itself. Hihi


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