Dodol Launcher

All things cute is my weakness and so I’m here to tell you about this precious Android software I’m using now~

I have the Lenovo A516 and I don’t really like the interface and everything. I know, “Why did you buy it?”, but let’s not dwell on stuff I cannot change anymore. Lels so what I did was explore the Play Store and remedy what I was seeing. I don’t want my phone to be so plain and boring, okayyy (*゚ロ゚)ハッ!!

After a period of using GO Launcher, I got fed up with it because there were limited themes of my preference. Again, I fancy cutesy, Korean-inspired ones that fit my personality and there just wasn’t a lot. I then got to discover Dodol Launcher!!! At first, I wasn’t able to install this since it wasn’t okay with my device. Right now, it’s only compatible with Android 4.0.3 or later versions (ICS, Jelly Bean) so you’ll have to check if your phone fits the bill.


Kyaa, look at that~! Dodol is of Korea, so I’m just thrilled. Yes, anything Korean makes me happy!! O(d`・∀・´b)Kw (Pardon me…) But srsly, even if you’re not into Kpop, you’d still really find this launcher appealing. Whatever your choice of theme, whether simple, artsy and colorful, girly, boyish, vintage, etc – you’re bound to download not just one, but a batch of designs that’ll bring life to your otherwise dull smartphone. I’m guilty of such pleasure!!

If you take a look at their Theme Shop, you’re gonna drool:

Dodol Launcher ThemeShop 1

Here’s for the Kpop fans like me…

Dodol Launcher ThemeShop 2

I just can’t tell you enough how satisfied I am with it. And even if I easily get bored with the themes I have, it’s not a problem at all because there’s like a big database of others, waiting to be downloaded. Can I just squeal?!

Don’t be left behind~ ゜☆ヽ(*’∀’*)/☆゜

Links: Dodol LauncherDodol KeyboardDodol Locker


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