TRAVEL 2014 #5: Dapitan City / Dakak Beach Resort

So, I definitely did say, HELLO, DAKAK! and even SEE YOU LATER, DAKAK!

/screams like a madwoman

Anyways, I’m just really happy, if I must really say so. Dakak was one of my goals for this year and it came so sudden and easy at that!

Left Cagayan de Oro around 3AM and got in Dapitan around 7AM I think. I knew the trip was long but it didn’t quite feel as such because we were aboard the Fantasyland bus. That just means no unnecessary stopovers! ^^




Some selca-ing in the background. Lels
Photo op by the bus with Uncle Dodong before going to next stop~




Third destination: RIZAL SHRINE



Okay, sorry, Mama. These are all me (ノ_ _)ノ

Fourth destination: LUNCH

Photo bomber XDD
Cutie pic I got of my niece and adorable boy!

Fifth destination: Finally, DAKAK BEACH RESORT!

Staff greeted us with a drink!
Room number
Too bad I haven’t taken a pic the first time we came in (T⌓T)

I think we were 21 people in a room but it was still so comfy – it had soft, blue bunk beds with air-conditioning, plus two showers and two toilets. It would have been nice to go with friends and talk all night!

Anyhoo, after checking in, we were left to do what we wanted. Since I left CDO not taking a full bath (lels, too much information, I know) I decided on showering. Then, Mama and I were out! (〜^∇^)〜





To say that I was disappointed with the beach was an understatement. Maybe we came in the wrong time? But the photos of Dakak I saw online, they weren’t what I saw with my own eyes. Well, the sand was white and water was still clear but I expected blue – magnificent blue, one that might compare to Siargao’s but nuh-uh. Too bad. But still, it was okay. I think I had big expectations (⌣_⌣”)

Furthermore, it wasn’t so nice swimming alone: Mama and I had to take turns because she brought her big bag and I brought my phone and camera so… I really suggest traveling with more people. Or bring your own yaya and photographer. Hahaha

Dinner at 6PM then Fantasyland! But it started raining so hard (it was drizzling since afternoon). In my mind, I was like, “What the hell?! How can we go on the rides if it’s raining? And I was so excited about it!” I hate times like these because I srsly plan and I hate when things don’t happen the way I want (╥_╥)

We retreated back to our rooms. The rain slowed down and so, we all decided we’d still go. I mean, come on! We came here for Fantasyland and we won’t go?! Like, what’s the purpose??

So we went and there I was quite disappointed again. Gaaahd. Maybe I’m too hard to please? But I was thinking grand amusement park. Okay, sorry, maybe I am hard to please. Hahaha. And Mama was such a sore because after the first two rides, she said she would just sit down and wait for us. SIGH. So I was with a cousin-in-law the whole night. I enjoyed still even though most rides were kiddie rides and I usually didn’t know what to do. Haha. It was even my first time since I was a kid to ride the bumper car! Well, my fave was the 5D Cinema~ (^~^)

Next day, Sunday…..

We had breakfast at 6AM then sightseeing/swimming time until check out time, 10AM.

Yellow on the last day! (We didn’t plan this XD)



The highlight of my trip was the Dakak Zipline Adventure!

I have no photo to show since camera was already lowbatt. I do have one when I was still up on air but have to scan it or something. It is said to be the longest and fastest zipline in Asia as it’s 1,364 meters long and 300 meters high.  It was the bravest thing I have ever done!!!!!

I was with these splendid group but it was soooo awkward! XD We went horseback riding first before doing the zipline. My guide was so mischievous because he said all we were gonna do was walk slow with the horse but then he ran when it was uphill. I almost thought I would fall!

I went on the zipline with Uncle Dodong but when we were halfway on it, I kinda stopped and he went on. I was so worried srsly. What if I don’t move anymore? What if I just stay suspended there? Good thing I did not look down because that would have been scarier. Well, bottom line, I’m still alive. Hahahaha

I will update with my zipline pic if I get to scan or take a photo of it~~

It’s still a great thing to scratch off Dakak from my travel bucket list. Hmm, where next? (●♡∀♡)

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