TRAVEL 2015 #2: Surigao Water Adventures

It’s officially school season – now, that doesn’t really have anything to do with me because I’m done with all that. Lels I miss school though (and my friends ㅠㅠㅠ) Oh well, summer is out of the picture now but let me relive my journey to Surigao last April~ Obviously, I still haven’t been able to dish about it here. Hihi

Per usual, work unit thought of this getaway in such a whim, but thank God I still had the extra money. On the 17th that month, I went to Cebu, right, and the following weekend, it was the road trip to Surigao. You can definitely see my priority: travel. #broke though. Hahaha

April 25, Saturday, at midnight, we were to meet and set off from Dunkin Donuts Divisoria so that we’d get to our first destination at around 6AM, have breakfast and all that. Friday, after work, I went home (I can stay at the office but I haven’t packed, srsly), had dinner and said goodbye to parentals. I really wonder if my folks are already used to me going away and travelling, I mean… I wish to do it with them but they still have tuition + house to focus on >< Maybe later when sibs both graduate already. Next year please!!

Okay, see me babbling?

BACK TO TRAVEL BLOGGING DUTIES. We had 2 vans with 10 people each, and I was stuck to a group paired up with their lovers. Huhuhu way to rub the wound of my being a singleton. Chos. I knew it was gonna be a long, looong ride (I learned from my Siargao escapade, hoho) and that’s why I slept through most of it. Haha

I brought my camera but because I don’t really have someone to take pictures of/with me a lot and most of the time, we were in the water, photos I have here are from Teejay-chan’s GoPro and from our tour guide from CDO Travel and Tours (v^ー°)


First Destination: TINUY-AN FALLS


When I saw this, I was like, “So this is it?” Haha but srsly. Well, we actually had to go inside first to really see what the place had to offer XD


Surigao (3)
First level~

Surigao (4)

Then we had to climb up to reach the 2 other levels of the falls.

Surigao (5)

Surigao (6)


Surigao (8)
3rd floor. Huehue(●≧艸≦)゛

We had to leave around 9AM since our schedule is tight~ The goal was to get to Enchanted River by noon and before that, we were still to drop by another place, which is…


There was an entrance fee of 10-20 pesos. I paid the first amount because apparently, I look like a student. Bwahaha!

Surigao (9)
Note the stairs behind us. We had to climb that in sweltering heat! Hurrr

Surigao (10)

Surigao (11)

After a short tour and some picture taking (required, please), we set off again to a highlight station ✿ฺ

Third Destination: ENCHANTED RIVER

We arrived at noon as planned and the place was just packed. When you go here, one that you should be able to see would be the feeding daw of the fishes. But we were so busy handling our lunch matter, so we had to miss it. We had to feed ourselves first. Lels

Of course, I was disappointed, not because the river wasn’t beautiful – it was superb for me. But I just can’t swim. UGH!!! It frustrates me. Hahahuhu. But yay, there was a shallow area. How considerate of nature ㅋㅋㅋㅋ




Surigao (14)

Surigao (15)

Surigao (18)
Underwater groufie y’all d(o^v^o)b

Surigao (16)

Surigao (17)

I really had no hope in swimming by the deep level and I was just content staying by it since there was a rocky part we can stand on. Life jackets were for rent but there weren’t any available. But after some time, workmates were able to get theirs. Too bad there wasn’t one for me again but weeeh, Marc made me borrow his. What lifesavers!!! ヾ(●゚v゚)━━♥

Surigao (19)
Can you tell I had so much fun?! ♪

Off to accommodation to settle down and have dinner. We were supposed to have a bonfire session but blackout happened. We all just decided to rest for the night and regain our energy for the island hopping for tomorrow~


Island Hopping: Britania Group of Islands

Forgive me, I don’t know/remember the islands we went to. I only recall the Naked Island one but the others… Hmm just take in the sights (and my face. Hahaha) plus I was just really taking delight with the time to relax and all that shizz. Again, I couldn’t take photos I’ve envisioned but the ones they have of me/us are cool too. Same photo credits ★


Ano pinaglalaban mo teh?! In English, what are you fighting for?! #hugot
Amazing!! Belly is hiding!!



Photographer-nim~ Your shadow~ Hihi
I need to go to more of these beaches.

Surigao (30)




Surigao (29)


Surigao (31)

Surigao (32)

Surigao (33)

Surigao (34)

What would I be without my life jacket? XD

Surigao (36)

Certainly, it was a wondrous event to just unwind and enjoy such places. There was this feeling of being so out of place once more as I’m not part of a couple but let me wait a bit more for God’s timing. Anyways, already crossed off Surigao from my bucket list!! (U。U*)・・・♡

2 thoughts on “TRAVEL 2015 #2: Surigao Water Adventures

  1. Hello Pearly! I would like to go to the underground river but it seems most tickets which I believe are 220 pesos are sold to a cartel of travel agents who then organise tours ranging from 1500 pesos to $129 for cruise ship passengers. 100 pesos in a van each way seems what it should be. How easy was it for you to get the ticket at the correct price and again how easy to get a seat ( or should I say 3/4 of a seat) in a van from PP ?


    1. Hey, actually, I can’t really answer you because for this trip, we availed a package worth 2,500 pesos for everything from transpo, accommodation to some meals. Yeah and that’s for more or less 2 days 🙂


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