PPAP: Passports, Parties And Pizza

The weekend has been pretty *busy* for me~ It was so enjoyable but that just means work came faster. Lels time flies when you’re having fun, as they say.

Well, here’s an update after so long!

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MOBB (MINO X BOBBY) – THE MOBB – 빨리 전화해 (HIT ME) & 붐벼 (FULL HOUSE) – Hangul & Romanization Lyrics

You know how you’re so lit at 0AM? YES, I AM SO LIT WITH THESE TWO!!! I didn’t have any specific expectations but OMGGG EARGASM~ And of course, I will be bias about M I N O ❤

For now, HIT ME >>> FULL HOUSE because I love the fun and chill but party vibe. New jam ♪ And the GDTOP Don’t Go Home / Jibe Kajima reference at the end topped it off. I need a live performance of this ASAP!!! Also, Full House with CL reference awakened the SkyDog (MINO X CL) shipper in me + she’s in the MV too ♡

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