TRAVEL 2016 #1: Simala, Cebu

‘여행’ translates to ‘travel’ and this is a series of posts about my trips for every year in the life.

The recent Cebu trip was Jan and I’s first faraway escapade together – we’ve been best friends since high school but you know, college got in the way (especially for her, she’s an achiever but the question is, why didn’t I learn from her ways?? Lels). Stuff that just unintentionally draw you apart… Then again, we still communicated and all, and here we are now, working for the same department of the government~

It’s their first time to meet, actually. Isn’t that fun? Chos as if I can speak for myself *rolls eyes* I mean, I’m open to meet my friend’s friend too but I do get shy, believe meee. Then again, I’m so game bringing my homies together. I R O N I C

Touchdown Cebu by 11AM of January 29 and first on our list was to visit Simala. This was ate Kams and I’s second time there (we went last year) and what have you, a lot of things have changed.

For instance, the van-hire going there is now behind the City Hall near the Sto. Niño Church, unlike before in the Citilink terminal. The funny thing though – I can’t stand that the whole thing happened, to be honest, but travel bloopers – we got lost. Not lost as in we can’t find our way (Jan had her review in Cebu so she’s quite familiar there), but lost as in we were going in circles. Apparently, I was too relaxed (didn’t research enough because depended on others) and Jan didn’t quite trust her instincts (like do we alight the jeep or not, etc). Lesson learned: I will learn travel routes myself. It’s just stupid in a way that I was able to survive public transpo in Manila than in Cebu. Hahaha

We were very much behind schedule as the 3 of us arrived at Simala around 4PM. Then again, I liked that it wasn’t really too packed compared to my first time there.

And lo and behold! The architecture has changed as well~ The structures have just become more breathtaking, especially when backdrops are of the sky and nature *speechless*

We couldn’t stop taking photos – obviously – and it was even hard to choose this set to upload here ㅋㅋ

Time flew and after 2 hours maybe, we set off back to the city to get to SM Seaside and meet some friends. But luck was just being a bit rotten – along the way, our van hardly moved because there was a local procession that went on. Looking at the bright side, free fireworks?! 🎆

We got to Seaside by 9PM and it was near closing time. Wasn’t that too early or something?? Jan and I couldn’t even use the CR because they’re locked already. Heol

Late dinner at food court almost didn’t happen too but good thing, Seoul Bibimbob was still open. Whew. But kimchi is forever a no-no for me. Mianhamnida, Korea~ Lels

Day 1 ended with a super long wait for a taxi. Well, we were all, “Let the mishaps of today be not of tomorrow.” Hahaha I will divulge about Bantayan Island by the next post!!! Can you feel my sudden enthusiasm?!! (●´ϖ`●)́✧


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