TRAVEL 2015 #1: South of Cebu


To begin, I have to declare I miss my blog!!! I haven’t been sharing personal stuff lately but here goes. It’s probably not a surprise to family and friends (and those who I’m chums with in Facebook and Instagram) that I just came from Cebu ┌|≧∇≦|┘

I myself have planned this for soooo long with Anna – it was supposed to be last February, then March and finally, April!!! Swear I was already super deprived of travel and fun. orz

For this trip though, I was not alone because Ate Kams was game to come along~ Archie was a part of the plan, of course, but he has become very busy with his rakets. Srsly, he told me he had schedules!! How can I compete with that? Lels. And for Teejay-chan, call it bad timing but she just got home from Cebu too with her family. She spent her Holy Week there, so there you have it.

We scored plane tickets for 1k each (for the life of me, I feel so accomplished to be able to score such deals ㅋㅋ) and so, what was left was to just save up for pocket money, you know, for shopping. Hahaha that’s me (◕ฺー≦)ノ

Blabbering… Flight is April 17 at 7AM, so I was already at Ate Kams’s home in Laguindingan the night before to be near the airport. We were both getting giddy, without question, and time flew fast that night even though we were excited as heck~~

CEBU 150417-19 (1)
Obligatory ^^v


CEBU 150417-19 (2)
Meet Ate Kams, my buddy for this whole trip-o!
CEBU 150417-19 (4)
Pose for arrival at Mactan Airport. Hihi


CEBU 150417-19 (3)
Their CR is small – I didn’t see that coming XD

CEBU 150417-19 (5)

Kathleen and Dave came to pick us up. We had to wait for like, 20 to 30 minutes though, since these two came straight from work to fetch us. Lakas eh. Eeeeet love you, beshies ♡o。.(✿ฺ。 ✿ฺ)

CEBU 150417-19 (6)

We rode a taxi to Anna Mari’s home – she wasn’t there btw. She called me by the exact time we arrived and she was gushing over the phone (well, me too) that we’re in the same land right then and there. Haaaa. But she’s still working and we were set to meet that night after Ate Kams and I go through our plans (∩_∩)


First Destination: SIMALA

After setting our backpacks down and bringing only the essentials for the day, Kathleen went home to recharge while Dave accompanied us to the South Bus Terminal (and it’s near his place too, so convenient). We met Ate Kams’s friend from high school, Lasting. She’s going to Simala with us~ Yes, at least we have other company (゜ー゜*)We walked a little bit to Citilink for the van hire. If we ride the bus, we will need to get off and ride a habal-habal to get to Simala itself. That’d be such a hassle and so, we decided to go for the 100php van. The disadvantage though is we were kept waiting there for a long time, since the vehicle had to be full first. Our goal was to get to Simala for the 12NN Friday mass but due to such circumstances, what can we do…

CEBU 150417-19 (7)

CEBU 150417-19 (8)

There were definitely a lot of people – it was just so hot, almost unbearable. I can only imagine the place with great buzz, especially during peak season such as Holy Week, for example. Hottt

CEBU 150417-19 (9)

Teejay told me beforehand that at Simala, we had to leave our footwear before going inside. Hence, I just wore slippers for easy removal and wearing ★ And I wore leggings but apparently, the guard thought it was too tight on me and gave me a cloth to cover my lower body. Then Ate Kams just suggested for me to use her long cardigan. Nevertheless, it’s embarrassing AND disturbing that the guard was checking out people’s bodies, including mine. Eew, please. *gags*

CEBU 150417-19 (10)

Going to churches and holy places strikes me because I just feel this immense sense of need and openness to the Lord. Like, I feel so weak and vulnerable, I just had to keep myself from crying. Waaaah

CEBU 150417-19 (11)

Honestly though, I’m not very much into saints and figurines, so I just prayed my heart out silently… ○o。..:*・(uωu人)・*:..。o○

CEBU 150417-19 (12)
I/we have to be brides, please, my Lord and Mama Mary!!!! Hahahuhu

CEBU 150417-19 (13)

CEBU 150417-19 (14)

CEBU 150417-19 (15)
Blurry proof shot inside the church

CEBU 150417-19 (16)

CEBU 150417-19 (17)

CEBU 150417-19 (18)

CEBU 150417-19 (19)

CEBU 150417-19 (20)

Lasting is from Cebu, specifically, Dalaguete, which is nearby Simala – near meaning a long bus ride. Ughhh I hate road trips. Lels she suggested to take us to Dakong Bato, a resort there. It was already around 4PM that time and I was like, contradicting myself, because of course, I want to explore but Cebu main is 2 hours away. Our agreed plan was from Simala, we’d go back for Cafe Tiala with Kathleen~~ Huhuhu. Ate Kams told me about Dakong Bato after I was already so settled with said itinerary. I obliged beforehand since I didn’t expect we’d take so long in Simala. I imagined we’d be there until 2PM, go to Dakong Bato, then around 6PM, we’d set back to be able to have dinner with Kathleen and Anna perhaps, plus go to my very much coveted Cafe Tiala. Reality? (▼_▼メ)<– expression says it all


CEBU 150417-19 (21)

CEBU 150417-19 (22)

It’s sort of an exclusive resort and the entrance fee was 100php. It has peaceful, private rest house feels ♪

CEBU 150417-19 (23)

CEBU 150417-19 (24)

CEBU 150417-19 (25)

It was greatly past lunchtime, so we were definitely hungry. With that, we directly headed to their resto. The waiter looked so bored out of his wits though, IDK. *shrugs*

CEBU 150417-19 (26)
CEBU 150417-19 (27)

CEBU 150417-19 (28)
Alert: belly sticking out!!!

CEBU 150417-19 (29)

CEBU 150417-19 (30)

CEBU 150417-19 (31)

CEBU 150417-19 (32)
I kept doing this back pose to hide the things I’m carrying. Haha

CEBU 150417-19 (33)

CEBU 150417-19 (34)

CEBU 150417-19 (35)
This is Lasting~

CEBU 150417-19 (36)

This was around 7 or 8PM, while waiting for the bus. See how behind schedule we are (* _ω_)… And as we rode one, we were left to stand for around 30 minutes of the 2hr+ ride? Memorable but tiring experience fosho~

I was getting tired and sleepy but then again, I was fighting with myself as Anna Mari kept nagging me about how the day went. Like, we or I, specifically, should have been spending time with her already but I can only roll my eyes *roll eyes* Hahaha I’m directing the gesture to myself though, because I couldn’t persuade and stand up for myself. One downside of traveling with company that doesn’t really match with you regarding hobbies, to be honest (´`)=3

I kept track of the way to Anna’s home (of course, traveler. Chos) and when we got there via taxi, she was there busy prepping up for work. And note that her mood is unlike what her texts exuded. Hahaha gaga gurl~♥

Ate Kams was left to sleep while I bond with my twin – we’re claiming it now (0^ー^0)We went out to IT Park.

Third Destination: IT PARK

CEBU 150417-19 (37)

Believe me when I say I am almost always energetic when I travel, even though I may look hideous. Lels


CEBU 150417-19 (38)

CEBU 150417-19 (39)
“Picturi ko~” times infinity XD
CEBU 150417-19 (40)
That guy’s cute. ㅋㅋㅋ Jk (but half meant)

CEBU 150417-19 (41)

We bought a set. These two plus chicken with garlic potato slices. We ended gulfing the potatoes – we should have just ordered a big batch of it if there was. Hahaha potato lovers much?

CEBU 150417-19 (42)

Dave came during his 15min break from work and I asked that we pose for a photo because we don’t have one together. Hihi he helped eat a bit of our order and brought some pizza slices as well~~

CEBU 150417-19 (43)
My fave couple. Pwahaha ♥
CEBU 150417-19 (44)
I feel so kilig and jealous. Hahaha #thirdwheeling

Shortly after Dave left, we had the leftovers wrapped in take out bags and went to Starbucks. Anna needed her caffeine fix for her 2AM shift and she was to treat me!!!


CEBU 150417-19 (45)

CEBU 150417-19 (46)
I haven’t tried any one of these in my life. But K.

CEBU 150417-19 (47)

CEBU 150417-19 (48)

CEBU 150417-19 (49)

CEBU 150417-19 (50)

CEBU 150417-19 (51)

CEBU 150417-19 (52)

I’ll keep you posted on the remaining days of my Cebu getaway ☆彡

12 thoughts on “TRAVEL 2015 #1: South of Cebu

      1. Awww I’m from Pasig I thought you’re from Manila too 😦 Thank you for answering though! Maybe I’ll just wait for a piso fare or other promos and I’ll read your blogpost again when I visit Cebu 🙂 BTW I love your blog since I’m into kpop too 🙂


      2. I wish I was from Manila~ ㅋㅋ it’s easier for concerts and all that. Hihi haven’t finished this post yet but really, punta ka Cebu 🙂 Wow, what’s your fandom? ^^

        Liked by 1 person

      3. That’s true, especially now that many k-groups are really visiting PH. You should come someday and watch a concert here! I’m a Hottest and an IGot7 ❤️ How about you, what’s your fandom?


      4. I went there before for Super Junior concerts! Todo save~ Hihi and maybe I’m going to go fly for Big Bang’s concert this July 🙂 So that’s my fandoms, and also including WINNER ♥


      5. Since I’m going so far, I may go for VIP~ Kk yes, pls help me. Like, somewhere near MoA Arena perhaps? Hihi I think the concert will be there. Weeeh me too even though I’m shy. Haha


      6. Sure, I’ll start looking haha If you’re going to go for VIP I think you really have to buy your ticket as soon as they start the selling! Hahaha this will be my second time meeting someone I met online haha


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