TRAVEL 2015 #1: South of Cebu – The Continuation

Albeit late, I shall continue about my spree in Cebu!I already raved about my arrival and first day here btw (★^-^★)Now, lemme proceed y’all…


First Destination: MOALBOAL

Because it’s a fact that this beach stop is far (further than previously visited Simala and Dalaguete), we needed to be up early to set off and arrive there to really seize the day. Anna still has to work and she will be out by 11AM, so we couldn’t wait for her. Boohoo (つд-。) The setup would then be that she and Dave will go together and we will meet either in Moalboal or in the other spot of the itinerary, which is Kawasan Falls.

It was a long, long ride and as you know I slept late (or early – in the wee hours of the morning, if you like), so I slept for the majority of it. I find it great though, since I was able to brave that tedious journey even with uncomfortable slumber. I missed out a bit on Ate Kams’ and Kathleen’s chikas though(><)

CEBU 150417-19 (53)

Here’s what greeted us after riding a van + motorela ♡♡(๑→ܫ←人→ܫ←๑)♡♡

CEBU 150417-19 (54)

CEBU 150417-19 (55)

CEBU 150417-19 (56)
Folks ruining my photo. Chos

CEBU 150417-19 (57)

CEBU 150417-19 (58)

My top is DIY – I made it from a shirt I haven’t been using and did some cutting. Last minute project before flying. Lels

CEBU 150417-19 (59)

CEBU 150417-19 (60)

CEBU 150417-19 (61)
Oh, Ate Kams’s cousin, Gili, was with us ^^

CEBU 150417-19 (62)

CEBU 150417-19 (63)

CEBU 150417-19 (64)

CEBU 150417-19 (65)


CEBU 150417-19 (66)

Before going to the beach itself, we stopped over Gaisano in Moalboal to buy our snacks. But t’was a blessing in disguise as we were able to buy these rush guards for 200+ bucks only!!! SHOPPING WIN

CEBU 150417-19 (67)

CEBU 150417-19 (68)

CEBU 150417-19 (69)

CEBU 150417-19 (70)

CEBU 150417-19 (71)

CEBU 150417-19 (72)

CEBU 150417-19 (73)

CEBU 150417-19 (74)

CEBU 150417-19 (75)

CEBU 150417-19 (76)
Our poor stash~ (〃’ x ‘ )

Since the summer heat was too much to handle, we decided to proceed to Kawasan Falls after 30 mins I guess? I was texting Anna that time too and she was angered at why we didn’t wait. Sorry beshieee (┬(●●)┬ ) I wanted to spend time with her – that’s my primary reason going to Cebu after all, but what can we do…

Second Destination: KAWASAN FALLS

Rode the motorela + bus again for this point. With the latter, we stood up the whole time because the thing was packed. Memorable and funny experience. Haha

CEBU 150417-19 (77)

Please note that we walked all throughout the 1.5 KM. I cryyy

CEBU 150417-19 (78)

CEBU 150417-19 (79)

CEBU 150417-19 (80)
This is just the 1st level, mind you.

CEBU 150417-19 (81)

See this? We had to hike and climb to get to the other levels of nature. Hahaha I felt so unfit during this time srsly though ( ≧ヘ≦)

CEBU 150417-19 (82)

CEBU 150417-19 (83)
2nd level proof shot
CEBU 150417-19 (84)
And finallyyyy *SIGH OF RELIEF*

CEBU 150417-19 (85)

CEBU 150417-19 (86)

CEBU 150417-19 (87)

CEBU 150417-19 (88)

CEBU 150417-19 (89)

CEBU 150417-19 (90)


Of course, I enjoyed all the swimming. The water was so cold, so refreshing – perfect way to beat the summer heat!!! But then, I was still very worried, especially that Anna and Dave have not yet joined us. On top of that, there was no phone signal, so I couldn’t contact them~ (つд-。) Therefore, maybe around 5PM, I suggested that we go down to the 1st level, since maybe the lovebirds are there or at least, there’s signal. To cut the long story short, they were there, all right. Lels

CEBU 150417-19 (91)

CEBU 150417-19 (92)
My loves. I miss youuuu

CEBU 150417-19 (93)

CEBU 150417-19 (94)

Super chilly already + it was deep here, so I couldn’t really take in the area but to spend time with the beshies is more than worth it (∪。∪)♥

CEBU 150417-19 (95)

Third Destination: LARCIAN

Now, directly from the long drive from Moalboal, we still want to set out into the city, as it’s gonna be our last night there. When we arrived, we had dinner (at 11PM? Yesss) at Larcian. They were raving about it and I thought it was this fancy resto. Hihi it turns out to be an ihawan style with a twist. Store owners and vendors were swarming over us to make us choose their booth. Srsly it was so overwhelming and funny at the same time. Like, there were absurd offers such as #freescholarship. Hahahaha *inside joke*

Anyhoo, that time, I wasn’t particularly in the mood because I had something grow under my foot. It looked like a mole or a wart, and it just happened. I was super scared about what it was, more so as I step on it when I walk, duh. And the Internet wasn’t even helping. I searched about it and I got results such as cancers and all that. Help! ーーΣ(゜д゜)ーー

Fourth Destination: LA VIE PARISIENNE

And my “bad luck” even continued when we went here. It’s kind of a posh bakery slash wine bar. Since the mood wasn’t at its finest, I was not able to appreciate it. Sarreh XD And I don’t drink wine. It’s just not a spot I would go for, you know? They wanted to stop by, so…

CEBU 150417-19 (96)
Mommei Kathleen


The photo above is the only decent one I have there. Wanna know why? Again, the odds were not in my favor because my camera display had some white lines and all that. Without question, I panicked. I love my camera x infinity since I bought it myself with hard earned money noh!!!!! The good news is it’s in supreme condition now. That was only because it sort of got wet throughout the whole ordeal. And as my buds said, maybe it just needs some rest. Okay~ (★ ̄∀ ̄★)


First Destination: STO NINO CHURCH

Sunday is time for mass, so we went for one at Sto Nino. I have already gone there before during our school trip in college. This time is different though because, again, we went for the mass and a bonus, blessing with Holy water ^^

CEBU 150417-19 (97)
First photo together. Haha

CEBU 150417-19 (98)

There, we also randomly met high school classmates, Kaye and Mary June. Whoa, we see each other in foreign land. Chars. Haha

Second Destination: SM CEBU

If we were just to consider my whims, this was one of the places I had to go to. No kidding. I was saving all my money to be able to shop there and I was truly almost disappointed that I can only have an hour or two maximum to do so. Flight home is at 3PM and we have to be at the airport around 12-1PM already, right? Anyways, when we all got there, we settled for an early lunch at Rodeo Grill. Afterwards? SHOPPING!!!! (b♡∀♡)b

But then, time passed and it’s the moment to say bye. Huhuhu. Since I’m sappy, I felt so sad, almost to point of crying, but mostly, it was because of Anna and Kathleen~ They didn’t want to send us off at the airport itself since they said they might shed tears for me and home. Awwww Imma weep now ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

Group photos to end:

I haven’t gotten enough of Cebu yet, so expect me to go back!! Hopefully with the same set of folks and more, we can explore the north side naman. Aigoo, this post is making me miss everything~ Oh, well ε===(っ≧ω≦)っ

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