MOBB (MINO X BOBBY) – THE MOBB – 빨리 전화해 (HIT ME) & 붐벼 (FULL HOUSE) – Hangul & Romanization Lyrics

You know how you’re so lit at 0AM? YES, I AM SO LIT WITH THESE TWO!!! I didn’t have any specific expectations but OMGGG EARGASM~ And of course, I will be bias about M I N O ❤

For now, HIT ME >>> FULL HOUSE because I love the fun and chill but party vibe. New jam ♪ And the GDTOP Don’t Go Home / Jibe Kajima reference at the end topped it off. I need a live performance of this ASAP!!! Also, Full House with CL reference awakened the SkyDog (MINO X CL) shipper in me + she’s in the MV too ♡

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WINNER Song Minho (송민호) – 몸 (BODY) – Hangul & Romanization Lyrics

I don’t know anymore. This is too much for my EYES, HEART, MIND and SOUL. I’m talking more of the MV though… I’m innocent ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ Chos. Give me sexy Mino all day, everyday but not with another woman!!!

No more words. I’m overwhelmed with this sensual stuff that my bias is singing / rapping to me~ Huhuhaha here ya gooo

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WINNER (민호&태현) – ENTRY SINGLE – 사랑가시 (Pricked) – Hangul & Romanization Lyrics

Since WINNER is back, I’m sooo back!!!

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