Variety Show: Half Moon Friends – Episodes with Eng Subs

I don’t know about you, but I really like kids. It’s not that I want to have my own already (I am sooo not ready for that responsibility, mind you) but because they’re just adorable little beings~ Hey, I’m thinking beyond the nitty-gritty such as taking care of them and all, so don’t just call me to be your babysitter! Though I’d be up for that for extra money…

Well, as you might know, my WINNER boys have a variety show called Half Moon Friends / Welcome to Bandalland. The 5 members cater to 10 children with varying ages and personalities. They were pretty anxious about the idea of the program as they have to act as preschool teachers without prior experience. Except perhaps Hoon who dreamt of being one before. Hihi

You’ll see all the cutie, sentimental, annoying (though barely) and beautiful happenings when you watch it, so I won’t spoil yall! That’s why I’m compiling yet another of WINNER’s TV appearance. Here’s to hoping there’s more coming up like WINNER TV Season 2? But in case you missed it, Hoon has MAETAMONG TV, a YouTube channel that’ll most likely give us more of them \(^-^)/

Still, enjoy Half Moon Friends and tune back here from time to time since I’ll update the videos until the last episode~ Tbh, I don’t want it to end but oh well…

SH_Bandalland (1)
SH_Bandalland (2)

Credits go to the fansite and subbing team, WINNER Galaxy! Tweet them a thank you or more here ◕ ◡ ◕

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