LOCO (로꼬) & GRAY ft ELO – GOOD – Hangul & Romanization Lyrics

Here comes my faves again, not only slaying Korea’s music charts but also my own ears! ❤ I may not be the biggest AOMG / LOCO / GRAY fan out there but all I can say is their songs are no joke and I always anticipate them. Particularly, I can definitely trust the music GRAY produces. Hearing his signature whisper before any track just excites me and true enough, GOOD is just good (*≧ω≦*) New jam after Hoody’s Like You, which is also GRAY-nim’s creation~

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Mixtape: For The Rainy Days

I’m emotera normally, but when I hear the sound of raindrops, the drama level just escalates, you know what I mean? Haha I really love music (I practically always have my earphones on especially during commute) and well, when I listen to the tunes that fit my mood, I feel like I’m filming my own music video. Admit it though, you do it too! 😛

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