Away from the City

By the start of 2015, a cousin, Ate Malou, who lived from far away called me that her older sister, Ate Lenie is to wed by January 17, a Friday, and asked if I was free. I was naturally free, of course, since I have no work during weekends. Then, she surprisingly said I would be the Maid of Honor. Like wuuuuuuut is that supposed to mean??

Okay, so that really weirded me out.

I know we’re basically family but I couldn’t understand the gist that I’m going to stand as a VIP in their wedding when I’m not even close to them. Like, a Maid of Honor should be someone like your best friend or your sister, right? I know Ate Lenie, we are direct first cousins but she can’t just nominate me to be her Maid of Honor out of the blue! And honestly, I was thinking I was gonna give a speech, have a major role or something and that didn’t sit well with shy and introverted me. I just couldn’t take it~

Apparently, Papa thought so too and told my cousins about it. Like, really, why should it be me? Anyways, because I felt filial, I decided I had to go. Nevertheless, more problems came such as transportation to the bukid. They live in Malitbog, Bukidnon and it’s said to be a secluded area. And there are limited jeeps to take you there. Like, the last trip going there is at 3PM. I was to go Friday night but what the hell? And the first trip for Saturday would be 9AM, which is the time for the wedding, mind you =_=;;

Papa at first couldn’t even go because he wasn’t allowed to leave for work but at the last minute, he said he could go – well, we should go. And so, we did, but Papa told me to not tell anyone. He was like phoning his brothers and telling them that circumstances just couldn’t make him attend but oh, he was just surprising. Tchhh. Dramatic father dear..

We got there by noon though, so we weren’t actually there during the wedding. Hence, no photos~~ Good thing though that another cousin, Jacky, was there to replace me (P.S. they knew I wasn’t coming, okay?(>人<))

Anyways, on a more serious note, I’m pointing out here that I don’t really come from a rich family background. I see it and my parents would usually tell us how poor they were before and how much they suffered. And I get it. I have so much compassion for folks in the rural areas since I have close relatives that I visit and have lived with during the summers of my childhood.

Therefore, money is very much a concern. We don’t really get to see each other very much because travelling costs a lot. I can say we are living quite better than them as we live in the city practically our whole lives but still, conditions to meet a lot just couldn’t happen due to circumstances.

What I’ve realized with this short trip is that they always put me, someone from the city, in a pedestal. They look up to me like I’ve lived so well (and we’re talking about money, please). Maybe this is because of my Papa’s bragging, especially regarding my work, but I couldn’t accept the attention for that. I couldn’t find it right and deserving for me.

An instance is when we decided to go up to the mountains, mainly to visit relatives, which I’m very sorry to not know much of. You must know that I’m always game and I’m not maarte in the first place. It was raining, by the way, and obviously, roads were muddy and slippery. Anyways,  people were very concerned about me, like, was everything gonna be okay for me, can I walk and all that stuff. Like seriously?! I’m made of hard steel! I live in floody Bulua! XDD But well, my silence can oftentimes make others misunderstand me. I mean, I did object about their qualms but they just couldn’t accept I was fine. ARGHHH should I still even explain to them

When I think about it, they’ve not spared me since before. They’d prioritize me and all that – the attention is making me want to disappear, if I must say. I didn’t want any of that because I feel so undeserving.

It amazes me though that even with their state of living, they are always willing to give and provide for guests. They’d give their own comfortable bed, even the oldies, and it pains me. Why do you make me feel so bad for receiving these provisions?  They are yours and I want you to use them yourself. Huhuhu my heart aches (_ _|||)

There’s indeed so much to learn from the poor. It’s the Year of the Poor and we should absolutely focus on them. They impart learnings that they may not know but they do so. It makes me have a new perspective in life.


Aigooooo ㅠ ㅠ

Here’s some pictures to lighten the mood…?

Papa and I walked to the highway ヽ(* ̄▽ ̄*)ノSAM_2211SAM_2216SAM_2219



I felt nostalgic seeing this school gate~


Pure child-like curiosity.

Nature at its finest. The cool air quite helped me rest and relax as well. Even if this was a sudden travel escapade, it was nice, warm and insightful. I guess I will have to polish my people skills next time and treat my folks with immense love and care. I think I’m just cold. Lels forgive me (人-ω◕ฺ) I appreciated everything and I’m hoping to come again and be a pleasure!