WINNER Song Minho (송민호) – 몸 (BODY) – Hangul & Romanization Lyrics

I don’t know anymore. This is too much for my EYES, HEART, MIND and SOUL. I’m talking more of the MV though… I’m innocent ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ Chos. Give me sexy Mino all day, everyday but not with another woman!!!

No more words. I’m overwhelmed with this sensual stuff that my bias is singing / rapping to me~ Huhuhaha here ya gooo

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Till I Met You – Maybe, Almost, Always ❤

I was watching ‘FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano’ last night out of sheer boredom and it’s a pretty good show, especially as the latest episodes tackle about cybercrime. Makes you really wanna think twice, thrice or more about what you’re posting…

But then, when it finished, I srsly had no doubt in turning off the TV. Actually, it was always like this. I’m just fed up with the stories that are too much drama or of fantasy. I want realistic stuff that I can relate to, you know? I have no qualms about the performance of Pinoy actors; rather the quality of their programs.

Well, my spirit’s back up for the local TV scene because JaDine is coming back! This fangirl is too happy! Shalala~ It’s so nice to be happy~ Shalala~ 

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