Till I Met You – Maybe, Almost, Always ❤

I was watching ‘FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano’ last night out of sheer boredom and it’s a pretty good show, especially as the latest episodes tackle about cybercrime. Makes you really wanna think twice, thrice or more about what you’re posting…

But then, when it finished, I srsly had no doubt in turning off the TV. Actually, it was always like this. I’m just fed up with the stories that are too much drama or of fantasy. I want realistic stuff that I can relate to, you know? I have no qualms about the performance of Pinoy actors; rather the quality of their programs.

Well, my spirit’s back up for the local TV scene because JaDine is coming back! This fangirl is too happy! Shalala~ It’s so nice to be happy~ Shalala~ 

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2016 FujiFilm Global Photowalk – Philippines

Since before, I just really liked taking photos. That’s what brought me to buying and owning a pretty awesome point and shoot camera, the Samsung WB10F. I was in university then and it has been my constant companion mostly during school events, trips, concerts and the like. Earlier blog pictures are courtesy of said camera. I wanted a DSLR then – because HD photos! – but I thought it pricey for the student / scholar that I was. (Looking back though, I could totally afford, except that saving was not in my vocabulary. Exception to the rule: Kpop and fangirling XD) For the record, I don’t regret buying my Samsung camera. I can’t even bear to let it go right now~

Now, I just got myself one of my dream cameras from FujiFilm, the X-A2. Obviously, ILOVEITSOMUCH but at this point, I’m so thankful for it. Why, you ask? Well, it pretty much served as my ticket to the 2016 FujiFilm Global Photowalk last Saturday, June 25, 2016.

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Mixtape: For The Rainy Days

I’m emotera normally, but when I hear the sound of raindrops, the drama level just escalates, you know what I mean? Haha I really love music (I practically always have my earphones on especially during commute) and well, when I listen to the tunes that fit my mood, I feel like I’m filming my own music video. Admit it though, you do it too! 😛

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