Afternoon Trip to College + Memories

Kathleen just came back from Cebu so here we are, together again!


Lels we almost always see each other immediately after she arrives because that’s how we roll.


Yesterday, we went to our alma mater to get her TOR. It has been 3 years since graduation?

Basically, we felt *bitter* that a lot of changes has happened. Well, of course. But the gym, new buildings and other upgraded school amenities, we didn’t experience them when we were students. We were both, “There went our tuition fees!” Haha you have to understand though; activities during our time in college weren’t so fun since there was no proper location / ground for them. Yes, I am most resentful about the gym!


Beyond that, I, for one, enjoyed the trip down memory lane. Our route was the Registrar – Library – Assessment – IT Building – Registrar again – Cashier then back to the Registar. Typical stuff for clearance / request / payment.


First off, the library was such a revelation!


I wanted to scream, “Unfair!” when I saw they already had individual desks for use. If you’re gonna sleep, then you get some privacy! Haha kidding.


Caught ya!

I remember we use to hang out here around junior or senior year to connect to WiFi and download. Of course, IT students hack and know the password. *WINK*


But oh, we went to the wrong library! Technically, we weren’t wrong but there was a new one located in the Engineering Complex – that we obviously didn’t know of – and it was the one where Kathleen needed a signature of.


En-route to the old IT building – source of academic heartache. Haha


Nothing really different around here, which made me more nostalgic. Still the same place that holds the memories of university. Chos

Met and talked with old teachers too, both from high school and college (Hello, this one’s a Loyaltee Awardee of MUST). Discovered that the alma mater is also offering Senior High School. What else?


If you’re from here, you’d know that spot by the fence was a small but popular shack to snack and chat. It was there since high school!


Que horror~ Above is the school’s printing press that takes 6 months to a year (or more?) to print IDs. Not sure about how they do now but from my younger sister’s experience, students now swipe their IDs in the entrance. That means: upgrade! Well, see how bad college was for us? Jk.


And how will I forget about the e-library? My passage to the Internet, from Bratz, anime, KPop to fanfics and some research on the side. PRIORITIES.


Last stop: cafeteria! FOOD.


Mommei ♡

Now, this visit got me thinking:

  • I should have focused / studied more. I knew I was capable of a lot of things, academically, but I was a total lazy arse. I put off studying like the typical student and just opened my notes when exams were coming. I was a scholar but there wasn’t really that big of a pressure? Because while I know that education in university does not necessarily become your career path, it’s still starting ground. Perhaps I would have gotten *better* jobs if I took my degree more seriously. And if I believed more in myself, for that matter.

  • I should have nurtured friendships more. And I’m not just talking about my barkada itself. I should have made new friends and did not just stick to my homies. It’s not that I wanted to widen my circle for popularity and that shizz, but because I would have gotten to open up myself to different people and personalities. Regarding the barkada though, I should have spent more time with them. I know we did hang out a loooot, but I want to talk to them more and not just about the silly and the mundane. Yall get me? If I had known we would all be too busy to see each other even for an hour in a year (that bad, yup), then I should have gone on more dates and outings with each of them so they won’t forget me.

Deep, huh? That’s me. Haha I suggest you also drop by your old campus and see for yourself how it has changed. And maybe how YOU have changed. If I could relive school though, crazy as it may sound, I would. You?

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