2016 FujiFilm Global Photowalk – Philippines

Since before, I just really liked taking photos. That’s what brought me to buying and owning a pretty awesome point and shoot camera, the Samsung WB10F. I was in university then and it has been my constant companion mostly during school events, trips, concerts and the like. Earlier blog pictures are courtesy of said camera. I wanted a DSLR then – because HD photos! – but I thought it pricey for the student / scholar that I was. (Looking back though, I could totally afford, except that saving was not in my vocabulary. Exception to the rule: Kpop and fangirling XD) For the record, I don’t regret buying my Samsung camera. I can’t even bear to let it go right now~

Now, I just got myself one of my dream cameras from FujiFilm, the X-A2. Obviously, ILOVEITSOMUCH but at this point, I’m so thankful for it. Why, you ask? Well, it pretty much served as my ticket to the 2016 FujiFilm Global Photowalk last Saturday, June 25, 2016.

Actually though, the event is open for non-FujiFilm users as well, but if not for my recent purchase, I wouldn’t know it at all or even be interested. So, it was a random day of scrolling on Instagram and I came across the photowalk from FujiFilm PH’s account. Without doubt, I registered (it’s for free). I also told my photographer-aspirant-like-me friend, Mario, to join. We’ve discussed about doing photowalks to practice and hone our skills and this opportunity came! He just bought a Nikon DSLR so he’s very stoked.

And here we were on that fateful Saturday!


I’m so proud to be holding the banner – I mean, front row? Okay, this newbie is thrilled. Hahaha

Meeting place for Cagayan de Oro participants was in Jollibee Divisoria at 6AM. Too early for the weekend, right?! But ehem, I do wake up without complaints for important stuff in my life. Chos. At first, I didn’t recognize our photowalk leader, Mr. Gian James Maagad (leftmost), and mistook him for someone else. He just looks different in his photo in the FujiFilm poster! Or is it just me

We gathered and he instructed us to set our camera date to July 31, 2031. Afterwards, Mr. Gian told us about the photowalk route, which is from Divisoria-Carmen-Cogon. You wouldn’t think you can walk this all but when you’re taking pictures, you don’t really feel it that much. I take it that I’m also exercising~ Think positive! Haha

My shots are from here on out. Let me warn you – photo overload:


This was just heart-wrenching ㅠㅠㅠㅠ He and his family live / sleep under the bridge like this… I felt guilty for complaining about life when I’m so – too blessed ㅠㅠㅠ



These girls noticed us and were game to have their picture taken. Hello to you both, if ever you get here on my blog. Hihi


The theme for the individual contest was WORKING HANDS and for the group one (3 to 5 people) was WORKING FATHER. Maybe that’ll explain why I took most of these.


On a normal day, I’d be scared to whip out my camera but when you’re with company, there’s less of that feeling. What I learned firsthand about street photography though: some will appreciate you, even pose and smile. Others will feel suspicious and threatened and it affects me too. I’m not really assertive so if folks don’t want their photos taken then I back away. No questions ㅋㅋㅋㅋ



Well, which do you think is my entry for the individual contest? ☆(⌒▽⌒)☆

I’m definitely still new to this so everything’s topsy-turvy! Forgive meee. There’s still a long way to go before pro-tographer status but I’d like to be that. Just you wait and see! *WINK*

Cheers to more photowalks, especially “legit” ones like this. Thanks, FujiFilm! ❤


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