Lunch Date at Bad Burgers with Teejay-chan

After a couple of failed plans, Teejay-chan and I finally decided on a time and date to meet and catch up. Last Thursday, April 12th, was her free day with her 2 jobs – she is too busy! Huhu – and she said she’s available for lunch. Of course, I’m always game~

Teejay suggested we go for Bad Burgers and I was okay with it, especially since it was near the workplace. Dave was supposed to join us too, a gath of sorts before he returns to Cebu, but he wasn’t able to make it.

Cheesy Mushroom for Php 165

I’m honestly not a burger eater (I’m weeeeird), so I can’t judge if their offerings are bad (not bad meaning bad but bad meaning good, you know) as their name puts forward, but it was not Teejay’s first time there – that means she willingly came back for more. Hihi

Hungarian and Egg with Rice for Php 130

Instead, my order was one of their All-Day Breakfast Meals: the Hungarian and Egg. I don’t think I can live without rice. Haha the hotdog/sausage was the kind of spicy I didn’t fancy though or is it just me and my strange taste buds?? Then again, the big question is: WHY DIDN’T THEY HAVE FRIES?! French fry lover is disappointed…

The diner size was small, which I didn’t expect. When we came in, we were even the only customers. It felt like it was our own place, except it just seemed that staff were listening to our chikas. Lels (or should I scold myself for being too loud? XD) but let me commend them for playing JaDine songs. Haha #fangirl

Our lunch date was over real quick – I had to be at the office by 1PM so… Well, the week after next, we’re set to eat out at Red Tail! Here’s to hoping I already have money by then to enjoy the good food~

See you then, Teejay-chan!!! ♥

Visit Bad Burgers at Stall #104, Center Point Arcade, Domingo Velez St, Cagayan de Oro (address from Google). If I have to be specific, it’s behind AA BBQ in Corrales – follow the line of establishments there.


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