Current Favorites: Volume 1

With my FAST Internet (I’m not even sarcastic about this, thank God!), I aim to make this blog more active. Laziness still bites me, especially as I’m using a 7-year-old laptop – it’s SLOW, people, duh – but I’m srsly gonna try. LEGIT TRY.

With that, I’m starting this “active blogger mode” with this series: Current Favorites! This is basically a list of stuff that I’ve been immensely interested in lately, though I may have excluded some things because I want do separate posts on them (prime example: Descendants of the Sun).

Shall I start-o?

1. Cheer Up by Twice

If you didn’t know, Twice is a rookie girl group from JYP Entertainment. They were produced from Sixteen, a survival show much like WIN and MIX and MATCH of WINNER and iKON. Clearly, they’ve already made their debut with Like Ooh-Ahh. I’m a Kpop fan in general, so I look into a lot of different groups and Twice is no exception. And, in fairness, they were pretty good! Pretty AND good. Yup.

Cheer Up is their comeback track and while the concept is similar to SNSD’s Oh, the song is well, different. How could I explain this… All I know is that this is my most-played jam right now. Plus, I’m also done learning the dance steps – I only have the bridge part left. Will most likely do dance cover with sister~

2. Young and Hungry

Because of srsly fast Internet (I’m not kidding at all), of course I was thinking of downloading a lot of videos. Anything Korean is a given but I don’t know, I randomly wanted to watch a TV show that was light and funny.

And I found that with Young and Hungry! It’s this US series starring Emily Osment (aka Hannah Montana’s BFF, Lily) and Jonathan Sadowski. Jonathan looked familiar and with a quick Google search, I now know why. He was actually in She’s The Man!

Synopsis from IMDB…

A well-off young tech entrepreneur hires a feisty young food blogger to be his personal chef.

Spoiler: And they drunk-slept with each other. Uh-huh.

Anyhoo. Each episode is around 20 minutes long and it passes by in a breeze since I genuinely enjoy it. I’m almost done with Season 1 and my Season 2 copy is ready. Also, I’m looking into other TV series but again, I don’t want anything too dramatic and all that. Any recommendations? 🙂

3. Always Be My Maybe

Now, this one very much got me on a high – the Gerald Anderson kind. Eeep!

Gerald partners for the first time with Arci Muñoz in this movie and I have to say, they super have chemistry! The trailer alone is sad, hilarious, romantic and sexy, so look out:

This was a post-Valentine offering for 2016 but I only got to watch it recently. Can I just say I cannot get over it??! The story, the characters, more so the main pair-up itself – everything was just greatly done/chosen. I’m a hopeless romantic so I find delight in these films, okay~

Even if I haven’t had my heart broken by an ex-boyfriend yet (and I pray not!), I can still totally relate with all the paasa and pa-fall hullabaloo. I cryyy. And once more, don’t get me started on Gerald Anderson. I NEED HIM IN MORE ROMCOMS!!!

4. This Time

I don’t think I can talk about Filipino celebrities and movies without mentioning the one-top for me locally, the reel-to-real couple, JaDine. Hihi ❤


James Reid and Nadine Lustre just came out with This Time, a film unlike the others they previously had. No more a Wattpad story or book adaptation, fans and moviegoers won’t really be able to guess what happens or what the ending is gonna be. To be honest, I’m thrilled about this since previous cinema episodes include seatmates babbling needlessly about the story. All right, know-it-all. Want me to hand you a microphone?

Rant aside, This Time is also note-worthy for being JaDine’s first movie as #TeamReal. There’s no more holding back on all the kilig – we all know the acting’s semi-true now (I say semi because of course, they’re still doing their job or you don’t get me? Well, I’m not easy to get. BOOM! Ktnxbyeworld)

I took part in the blockscreening here in Cagayan de Oro last Wednesday, May 4. There was a photobooth so picture opportunity! We saw Bernice there and she joined us for these shots:

Our seats were too close though plus side area (B2, B3) but fine, I have good eyesight. Lels oh, freebies for the 300php-worth ticket was a Mango Tango Cornetto, a Jollibee burger, a Tumblr and a keychain.

Let me shower you with these links though:

  • Nadine Lustre Wears Her Own Design On The Red Carpet (Starstyle)
  • Nadine Lustre Designed Her ‘This Time’ Premiere Night Dress (StyleBible)
  • Can We Talk About The Red Carpet Dress Nadine Lustre Designed? (Cosmopolitan)
Nadine’s IG update

YES! GODDESS! She just doesn’t stop surprising, leaving us in awe~ I just cannot stress enough how Nadine is my girl crush, girl peg, girl everythinggg ❤ As what a local DJ said about her, she is not maarte; she is talented; and she can definitely stand on her own without James. It’s not even about removing James from the equation but you know, she’s just a strong and independent woman and I SO WANT TO LEARN FROM HER. Girl power!

Back to This Time, WATCH IT WATCH IT WATCH IT! Don’t miss out ^^

5. Half Moon Friends

Per my previous post, you already know I’m actively tuning in to this cute reality show of WINNER (amazingly, YG let them out of dungeon. Pshhh). Imagine, these guys + kids = ADORABLE OVERLOAD! Dorks becoming kindergarten teachers, I cannot even~ Well, meet them below:

5 teachers, 10 students

After this post, I’m off to watch the 2nd episode, so I can’t tell you much. It’s just fuuun! Check subbed videos at Team Aces~

6. Wild Spirit by Camie Juan

Last but not the least is a new blogger idol of mine, miss Camie Juan. I was doing some research on (1) Vigan since we’re flying there by August and (2) the Fujifilm X-A2 because I may be purchasing it soon. These were then the reasons how I stumbled to her space in the blogosphere and I’m so astounded why I didn’t get to know her sooner!!!

Hers is a travel + lifestyle blog known as Wild Spirit (which is what I aim for mine but I still have a long way to go~) and she actually earns a living out of it. Like my other fave bloggers, Tricia Gosingtian and Saab Magalona-Bacarro, she gets to avail sponsored products and trips. #GOALS

From her ABOUT page

Camie is like, legit, so I just really wonder why it took so long for me to discover her. Lels anyways, I really like her 🙂 If ever you’re reading this Camie, you are now one of my favorites ❤

Whew! How about you, what are you crazy about at the moment? Share! ^^

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