On The Road with JaDine in CDO

Last December (the 19th, to be exact), I rewarded myself tickets to finally witness the talented gems that are James Reid and Nadine Lustre – or my most precious loveteam EVER, JaDine.

Well, I’ve seen them before – it would’ve been twice for both, except that in the first mall tour they had here in the city, James was supposedly sick and couldn’t make it. Huhuhu (Here’s my rant about it~ Lels)

For the record, I’ve only seen Nadine sing and perform live. She’s just wow, with no lip-syncing whatsoever. But between the two of them, I’m more of a fan of James sooo… You do get where I’m coming from, right? ㅋㅋ I just wanna see him do his thing because I know he’s so passionate about music and dance (though I think he’s still kinda shy or is it just me). Also, James and Nadine together, they’re just ELECTRIC. And who wouldn’t want to see that in the flesh??

Back to December 19, a Saturday, the On The Road with JaDine concert was to be held in Limketkai Atrium. The show was to start by 7PM, but I highly doubted it because Filipino time as you all know (it mustn’t be tolerated but it happens). Then again, I wasn’t relaxed because seats are first come-first served basis. The thirst for JaDine is real so I decided to be there early and line up if I must.

Line up, I did.

This was around 3PM? A great deal of fans were already there, which left me no choice but to stay and get in line. Honestly, it was so embarrassing being there – I mean, I’ve had my fair share of fangirling via concerts but those were in Manila and no one knew me! Hahaha anyways, my sister joined me later on and we bought water and some food to keep us sane until concert time. Lels

My other concert buddy, Christabelle

But I cannot stress enough how chaotic the pre-show happenings were. I’ve no one to blame but organizers~ Even from ticket reservation, payment to D-day, I don’t like their system at all. But what have you, of course we have to follow them. Well, so be it, I was gonna see the fangirl love of my life, James ㅋㅋㅋ

After a thousand years of standing, pushing, complaining, laughing while waiting (I say hi to those in #TeamGold! We were just GOLD! *ifyallknowwhatimean*), we fled to seats closest to the stage and settled down for another century for the concert to start. Enjoy my sarcasm, JaDines, but srsly the wait was just crazy XD

Everything started with a VTR then Nadine, ever so gorgeous I’m so envious, came out and sung Para-Paraan. It was just a short version then it was time for James with Huwag Ka Nang Humirit. I have fancams but GAAAAAH MAY FOREVER SA SLOW INTERNET

Then these lovebirds just brought out all the feels when Nadine got back on stage with James and they did this ending pose:

Their smiles eeeet @jaye.wolf @nadzlustre 😻 #JaDine #OTRwithJaDineCDO

A post shared by Pearly Jane ✨ (@pjcaboodle) on

I kinda focused more on taking videos so forgive me. But I’m gonna share a loooot of photos too. WAIT FOR IT

After a bit of ment (intro talk), Nadine then took center stage alone and proved her awesome live singing with her own Mr. Antipatiko and Meghan Trainor’s Lips Are Moving.

SHE IS THE BOMB. She’s totally my girl peg, girl crush, girl everythinggg

Afterwards, Yassi joined Nadz and they performed Hush. Best friend goals indeed~!!

Yassi had her solo number too with another Meghan Trainor hit, All About That Bass. I have no words for her dancing. And her body. Huhuhu she’s superb (*¯ ³¯*)♡

Out came Andre afterwards and I swear he is too tall (as expected of a Paras, I guess) + with milky white skin. And he’s so damn playful! Hahaha anyhoo, they sung Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat’s Lucky and Dahil Sa’yo, the latter of which I’m not familiar with but Yassi’s voice is just great~ I’m so awed how talented these Viva artists are. Srslyyy

But don’t get me started on Andre though. When we were lining up, music from rehearsals can be heard and You Raise Me Up by Josh Groban played. We were all laughing and wondering who would perform that and guess who did? Duh, Andre, no less! Hahaha but it was actually a remix with Soulja Boy. Lels what a combination (*ノ▽ノ)

All of Cinegang went onstage and it was just so good to see them all together. Outside looking in, their friendship is just heartwarming, I’m jealous ㅋㅋ

It was boys vs girls and James started it off with Payphone:

I haven’t uploaded my video but Nadine responded with Super Bass! (✧∀✧) I don’t remember what happened next exactly but here goes…

Yasss, did yall think James will ever perform this?? I LOVE MY BIAS (⌐■_■)

Meghan Trainor is definitely popular among them as Donnalyn sang Dear Future Husband. Much to my delight, she did Happy Breakup! Though I only knew a bit of the chorus. Lels but t’was better than Kakaibabe #sorrynotsorry

Donnalyn’s too cute but I’m more amazed that she has more-than-stable live singing. Hihi I’m not a fan so~

And my most-awaited part… JAMES REID SOLO PERFS!!! *cue fangirl screams*

He started with Bonfire Love Song. I wanted Randomantic, boohoo, but still I love this song, much more that I’ve seen him sing it. Weeeeh!!! (≧◡≦)♡

I can also say the same when he performed Justin Bieber’s Sorry. I got addicted to it (his version, of course ㅋㅋㅋ), I made an MP3 version for myself. Puhaha

Hands down, this guy has looks, talent and passion. WOW WOW WOW.

When James removes his jacket, expect a big and HOT surprise. Sneak peek:

I’m quite amazed with myself for not shaking a lot while taking the video even with all the feels~ *pats self*

Nadine returns onstage and kilig ensues with their duets, Hanap Hanap and of course, On The Wings of Love ♥━━ヾ(●゚v゚)人(゚v゚○)ノ━━♥

The concert ended on a weird note though. We were like, “That was it? Finished already?” Lels because we waited so long ㅠㅠㅠㅠ But good thing, there was to be album signing! That meant we can get closer – I took it as a golden opportunity to take close-up photos of James. BEHOLD THEM, YALL:

PERFECT. VAMPIRE – these came to my mind looking at him in real life. He was just meant to be a superstar ☆彡 And gaaaah, I know you won’t believe me but I kept calling James and I did this heart sign over my head (Kpop-inspired, hahaha) and what have you, he actually looked at me, nodded and smiled. LIKE, NO, I AM NOT HALLUCINATING. I even asked my sis and Bernice, another friend beside me, and they affirmed that they saw the moment too. MR. ROBERT JAMES REID, THANK YOU FOR THE FANSERVICE I WILL NEVER, EVER FORGET (✪ฺ艸✪ฺ)

Now, back to business, from where I was, I couldn’t see Nadine much because her manager (I think) was blocking her. Then again, I caught these moments~ Aigoo, you two!!! (ノ∇≦*)ポッ ❤

This was lengthy, huh? Even a month after, I’m still as hyped as ever. Haha JaDine, come back to CDO, pretty please? I’m waiting, ALWAYS ♥(>ω・)ノ

Well, who out there watched On The Road concert too? ^^


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