What’s Up? Here’s My Reality, Work-Wise

You know when you’ve got so much TIME and ENERGY but you don’t have any/a lot of money? That just means you’re UNEMPLOYED. Like me.

Yes, that’s it. I’m officially out of the “young and mature” sector – Oh, God, I srsly feel like such a sore having no work at the moment. But it’s liberating nonetheless. It’s nice to decide on something and follow through with it, hmm?

So, this was last week and since then, I’ve been pathetically enjoying all the freedom that comes with not waking up early and reporting to the 9am-6pm job. No regrets on the whole thing though – the work feeds my fangirling and traveling spirit after all – but let me justify that this has been the REAL first time since I’ve graduated wherein I was able to just rest and relax. I don’t know~ It’s nice for now, I guess, but I’m honestly scared about doing everything from scratch again. Applying, sending all those resumes, having interviews… But it’s also super tempting to just spend my life wallowing away with good people (Friends, meet me and feed me! Hahaha), good entertainment (Kpop and Kdramas, anyone?) and just anything good like my bed. Uh-huh. This is me right now.

Why did I quit, you ask.

Let me jot them reasons:

  • Last July 30, Thursday, I flew to Manila for some personal duties aka VACATION and returned home by August 2, Sunday. You must know that when I travel, I go all out. Whether it’s 1 day, 2 days or more, I make use of all that time to go where I wanna go and explore. So, basically, I did just that and where did it get me? Well, I got sick – my body was just aching and I even got a fever! That’s how I abuse myself as I go about my trips. Hence, I didn’t work on Monday. I even had to push myself by Tuesday because practically, I need the money. (I’m a money whore, as they say~ *rolls eyes* Well, excuse me, that’s because I don’t ask my parents for it, especially when it’s for my luxuries. Kbye) I just couldn’t function as an employee, and I pride myself for the quality of my work. With that, I just thought, “Let me end things now.” Simple.
  • I passed the Civil Service examination after I graduated (April 2013), and the parentals are thrilled about it. Though they have always been supportive about all I do (or they couldn’t get through their hardheaded daughter v( ̄∇ ̄)v), they’re still very vocal about them wanting me to work in a government office. It’s “stable” and “fulfilling”, they say. While I don’t disagree, I also haven’t consider it, more so since I’ve been liking the kinds of jobs I had so far. They were all unexpected but interesting and satisfying too. So, there’s that. Anyhoo, things have been getting serious and Papa wants me to pursue this now. I admit I’m a rebellious child of sorts but what have you, I’m actually following him~ Let’s see where I do go with this choice. Pray for me!
  • There are things better left unsaid. My blog may be used against me again. I learned my lesson~ *WINK*

Yeah, I don’t have legit justifications for leaving but how can you really define legit? I think legit is just different for people. These are legit for me, so you can get over yourselves. Hihi. But I’ve thought of this hard and long enough, especially during my Manila holiday, so yay? ^ω^

And, once more, with the aforementioned TIME and ENERGY, I’ve used them to lock myself up in my room and drown in sleep and the Internet. For once, we’ve wanted such set-up, right? Living the life, huh~ Hahaha jk. I’m going to appreciate this period for a bit then when I get really worried about my bank account, then this phase is gonna be over real quick.

But damn, I’m wishing I get to do a blog post like “I’m employed!” VERY SOON. I’m confusing, I know ㅠㅠ

Btw, how’s life on your end? Better than mine I hope (>∀<)ノ


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