Reality TV: Show Me The Money 4 – Episodes with Eng Subs

You all know who I’m rooting for, right?!! {*≧∀≦}

If not, then I’ll have to spell it out for you. It’s H-U-G-E-B-O-Y. Song Minho/Mino of WINNER!!! (Do I really have to tell you this though? *SIGH* Hahaha I kid.)

Now, it’s srsly my first time to watch Show Me The Money, already in its 4th season obviously, so I don’t know how it works and all that. Anyhoo, so far I’m loving it~ Mino is so manly and dorky at the same time – and he changes personalities in seconds! Lels I LOVE YOU BOO ❤ Bias aside, he’s definitely gooood. Like, if I didn’t like him beforehand, I’d start to, seeing his bad-ass self. Rapping style + wordplay = *speechless* OKAYYY IMMA STOP PRAISING HIM ><

Fast forward though, Mino passed Round 1 and 2 so CHEERS!!!! We’ll get to see more of him~~ ♪(*^ー゜)v(*^▽^*)*☆ガンバ☆♪


Lez continue the good vibes – here are English subbed videos for the episodes, along with Mino cuts if you just want to go directly watch his greatness. ㅋㅋ I’ll compile these too. Well, GO GET ‘EM HUGEBOY!! Or YG’ll fire you. Hahaha

EDIT: You can visit this page because they do the subbing~

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