Sisterly Bonding in 678 Chicken at Grand Central

I’ve always wanted to try tteokbokki (떡볶이/spicy rice cakes) since I’ve been seeing it in a lot of K-dramas and variety shows. You know how they slurp and eat it so deliciously; you definitely get your mouth watering even by just looking.

Now, I knew there was this new Korean place in town, 678 Chicken. And it’s actually owned by Kang Hodong-nim, an MC for Strong Heart and Star King (these are the ones I’ve watched him in)~ This is particularly obvious though because his face is plastered in the branch at present and even before it opened ㅋㅋ

I looked into their menu on their Facebook page to see what they offer (aside from their chicken, that is) and lo and behold, they have tteokbokki! ^▽^♡ I’ve srsly never gone to the Korean restos here in the city like Secret Garden and Kalbeeya and so, finding an “accessible” one (in Divi area) to try out my most-wanted Korean dish/street food is such good news for me(๑→‿ฺ←๑)

Finally, last Tuesday, June 30, my sister and I were able to push through with our long-overdue plan to visit 678 Chicken since I already have money to spend~ Lels

678 Chicken (1)

678 Chicken (2)

678 Chicken (3)

678 Chicken (4)

678 Chicken (5)
See? Here’s Kang Hodong XD


678 Chicken (6)

TTEOKBOKKI ㅠㅠ Beholding it with my own two eyes was amazing ❤ Haha understand me, okayyy. It’s a moment I’ve been waiting for so long tbh

678 Chicken (7)

I’m very picky with food, so I was pretty nervous how it would turn out. Its smell, for one, is okay, while the taste was something I didn’t expect. It’s super spicy, of course, but about the flavor, again, it’s different from my assumptions. But still good (>ω・)ノ I have nothing to compare it with though, but I’m anticipating the next time I get to do so. I want other variations like the cheese tteokbokki and rabeokki (ramen + tteokbokki)!!! I’ll have to find the place(s) that serves them OTL

678 Chicken (8)
It was packed btw~

678 Chicken (9)

We ordered the Basasak Chicken for around 200+ pesos? and that’s 3 pieces. That doesn’t include rice and drinks though, so we had to get those separately. Each chicken piece is big – I underestimated them, lels – and we didn’t have such huge appetites to finish them. Result: take-out (●´艸`)フ゛ハッ

And amazingly, Joann arrived with her younger sister, Judy, and we shared a table. Told ya this was a night of bonding for sisters. Haha whatta coincidence ♪

678 Chicken (10)

678 Chicken (11)

678 Chicken (12)

Ending the stay with a collection of selcas (●´∪`)人(´∪`○) #shameless

And oh, they played Kpop songs too, like SHINee’s View. I’m impressed ha. Lels anyways, have you dined in 678 Chicken? How was it and what other menu items do you recommend? ★

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