Here Is How You Stop Waiting For Someone To Come Back

“You stop waiting for someone to come back by choosing to go forward without them. And perhaps this is the saddest, simplest truth – that we must deliberately move ourselves away from the people we have loved and lost or else we will stay lost alongside them.”

Thought Catalog


You stop waiting for them to come back by becoming profoundly uncomfortable. You move through the places where you wish they still were and you hold your own hand as you go. You don’t lie to yourself about how it is going to be easy and happy and new in a way that is wonderful- not yet. First you delve right into the deepest part of the dark, murky water of missing them and you let it envelope you. You feel their absence on a core, guttural level. You absorb it in exactly the way that you’re afraid of. You let it sink under your skin.

You stop waiting for them by letting things change. You cut your hair and know they’ll never see it. You quit your job and know you’ll never tell them about the new one. You let people into your life that you know…

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