Just The Way You Are For Jan Karina’s Birthday

壁|●・ω・)ノнёιιο! It’s Saturday, and it’s obviously the time I don’t have to wake up early. Yayyy (★‘∀‘★) I def planned to stay at home and learned AOA’s Heart Attack dance (OMG I love the song now, amazingly). But around 3PM, the birthday girl, my best friend from high school, Jan Karina, texted me to meet~ I really didn’t expect that, since most of my friends would, of course, spend the special day with their families. Anyways, I took the bait (she said she was to treat the broke me. Hahaha) and met her at Centrio before 5PM.

We purchased tickets for Just The Way You Are starring Enrique Qil and Liza Soberano. Jan’s such a fan of Enrique, and I was curious about the movie too (you know, the hype) so we decided to go for it. The show was to be by 6.20PM and with that, we just hung out and talked a bit a lot about life. She actually has a job now – hooray to more of our BFF dates since we both earn now!! ♡(*´∀`*)人(*´∀`*)♡

Jan Birthday 1
Happy birthday ♥
Jan Birthday 2

It’s been a long time since I last dressed up, I think. I slightly regretted wearing shorts though because the cinema was so cold~ But that’s one way to beat the heat outside and at home ㅋㅋ Allow me to spazz about my shoes though. Sis bought it for 50 pesos only!!! SHE’S STARTING TO LEARN MY BARGAINING WAYS

Jan Birthday 3
Jan Birthday 4

Wow, the movie was unexpectedly good! No spoilers. It kind of made us singles bitter though (*TーT)人(TーT*) Lels typical story but the cast did so well. Liza, you’re indeed a revelation ♪ And Enrique too, because well, I don’t stan him. I fangirl over James Reid and I’m loyal. Chars. Daming alam, bes. But srsly, worth watching ★

Well, again, happy birthday, Narika-chan ⌒(*^-゜)ノ~♪ see you again soon ♪~ヾ(゜-^*)⌒


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