Jipangyi Seoul Cane Ice Cream at Ayala Centrio Mall

Last Sunday, June 21, was Father’s Day, and we were able to go to the mall for some time. We were walking around and then we got to pass by this busy stall and it was, what have you, Jipangyi! (Duh. ㅋㅋ) You may know me as a Kpop fan, but I haven’t tried much of their culture/food – why? It just happened like that. I don’t even have an excuse. Lels

For those who don’t know…

The “J” shaped corn snack is a Korean traditional snack and is made of corn injected with Soft Ice Cream Gelato. Very popular in Insadong, Korea.

↑ Taken from Jipangyi Seoul Cane Ice Cream Manila FB page here~


Obviously, I tried it out. It costs 40 pesos each. And the proof shot ain’t missing:


It’s good but I didn’t particularly enjoy it because I was full already. It isn’t a light snack, mind you. And you kinda have to eat it fast as the ice cream inside the cone melts, so you gotta prepare yourself for some dripping and licking. Haha whut but yeah (>Д<)ゝ


Spot Ryan Bang? He’s the endorser XD Anyways, you can try this out yourself, even just for curiosity. The stall is located at the 2nd floor, near Broadway Gems (as seen in the photo above), near the auto doors. Let me know what you think of it! (●ゝ∀・●)


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