Q & A Journal: MARCH 2015

MARCH 1, 2015: _____ might have a crush on me.
They say “W” might have a crush on me. Hahaha who is W? Anyways, people tell me our closeness is something else. Let’s just say the crush thing is still under construction. Lels but just… my friends tell me so XD
MARCH 2, 2015: What do you think about drugs?
Prescription drugs are okay, like if it’s for your life and health. But if it’s for fun and other useless reasons, just why do/have it?
MARCH 3, 2015: The one thing I hope I don’t forget when I’m an adult is _____.
My past, like where my family and I came from. Though we are not exactly poor, we are also not rich. So, whatever status I may come into later in life, I hope I will still be able to look back and learn how we’ve progressed from our simple and little ways of life~
MARCH 4, 2015: It was so funny when _____.
My officemate couple talked at the meeting today. The girl talked about her plans on a speeding date app and then the boyfie asked, “Why that?” with a seemingly jealous expression. It was hilarious and cute at the same time. ♥

MARCH 5, 2015: How ambitious are you?
If we were to have a scale from 1 to 10, I would put myself in a 7. Especially if it is something I really like, I would really strive for it. But then, that is also the same when I’m not interested. I just don’t have the energy and enthusiasm.

MARCH 6, 2015: How is your relationship with food?
Thank you so much for this question, first of all. My soulmate, food, and I are very much all right. Lels srsly though, I love food but I’m actually very picky. I don’t eat most vegetables, I hate mayonnaise, onions, garlic – I’m sorry but I don’t even eat burgers. Sarreh XD Anything that looks and smells disgusting is a no-no. I’m superrrrr picky, sometimes I hate it myself too.

MARCH 7, 2015: How many photos do you post a week?
If we’re talking Facebook, it actually depends. If I’ve got an event and I have my camera ready, that’d be a lot. But lately, I don’t really post in there anymore. If it’s Instagram, I’d go for 2 photos a week? Though for me, since I have no mobile net, I can’t really post much. I think I’m lying low on SNS platforms kkk

MARCH 8, 2015: What movie is close to the story of your life?
Since I can’t think of anything, I guess it hasn’t been created yet. Lels. Ughhh my life is both boring and exciting, hard and easy – let’s just say that. Haha I hope by next year, someone produces my movie! XD

MARCH 9, 2015: When was the last time you cheated, in a big or small way?
Lels all I could think of was when I was in college and since some minor subjects are being so tiresome, we’d just all team up especially when it comes to quizzes. Hahaha

MARCH 10, 2015: Do you think globally? How?
If I were to think globally though, it’d be about traveling and going to different places with various cultures. Like, I know I have my dream destinations but if I can have opportunities to visit spots I never even thought of, that’d be awesome. Bottomline is, that is how I think globally. Lels

MARCH 11, 2015: People tell me I’m _____, but I can’t see it.
SKINNY! I mean, folks have this misconception (for me) that I’m small and I understand because I come from a family with such features and I also have thin arms but seriously, you have to see my stomach and thighs! They’re massive! T_T

MARCH 12, 2015: What made you smile today?
Well~♥ Going to work has been so kilig lately because I have these two crushes I get to meet and see when I ride the jeepney. And I saw one of them this morning. I didn’t even notice he was standing right in front of me (I don’t know why) but gaaaahd. Help ♥

MARCH 13, 2015: What is the craziest thing you would do for someone?
I could go to where they are, especially when needed? I think that’s it. I’d be willing to travel the distance if you’re an important person to me like a family, friend or idol? Lels

MARCH 14, 2015: I wish I’d spoken up when _____.
I’d have complaints. Whether to my parents or any other authorities, I wish I was bolder? I have average confidence and I have this tendency to not ask much from others, even though I deserve it, so… #martyr

MARCH 15, 2015: Who is your favorite teacher or coach? Why?

For fun purposes, I’m going to put Sir M, because he’s a smart and handsome man. Hahaha sshh. But he’s married, yeah =_=

MARCH 16, 2015: When did you feel backed into a corner?
There was one time in college when my barkada fought because I spoke about something about some of them hanging out with other folks more. I know I’m clingy, right, but then even though I was not alone on that sentiment, it was like they were all against me. T_T

MARCH 17, 2015: What is your wildest daydream?
I don’t know, marry Song Mino perhaps? Lels I just imagine having a boy best friend slash boyfriend I can do crazy things with and in such a whim – no planning needed.

MARCH 18, 2015: How do you rate your brain power, on a scale of 1 to 10?
I would rate myself as a 7 or an 8, I think. Kk I’m proud to say I’m quite the fast learner, which was evident in my past job and the current one. Hihi the problem just lies upon my laziness and tendency to procrastinate. Boohoo ㅠㅠ

MARCH 19, 2015: Describe one of your good habits.
Well, I really do spontaneous praying in my mind. Like, even when I’m walking the long way home, I keep talking to God about everything. I guess this also explains why I’m a thinker and a deep person.

MARCH 20, 2015: Do you ever feel selfish? When?
Maybe when I shop. Like, all my life, I had to work for the money to spend. It was only rare times when I can ask my parents to buy me stuff. We’re not rich after all, so they instilled to me that if I should want something, I’m gonna have to work things out myself. And like, when I buy stuff, I tend to focus on myself at most.

MARCH 21, 2015: Since I got involved with _____, I feel better.
WINNER? Haha I couldn’t think of anything else. >< Well, you know that I’m an ELF whose heart was crushed due to recent news and that got me quite hurt. And so, I had to lay low on the fandom. But WINNER entering the picture, I have new inspirations. ♥

MARCH 22, 2015: If you could be anywhere else in the world right now, where would you be?
I will not get tired of saying this. I really want to be in Seoul, South Korea. I want to roam, sightsee, shop and watch concerts and live shows. When will my time come…

MARCH 23, 2015: Who makes you nervous? Why?
Everyone? Lels maybe someone I’m not close with. I get nervous on holding conversations with them, especially since I overthink~

MARCH 24, 2015: What do you have to say about your siblings, or lack of?
Hmm… I just wonder how it would feel to have a biological older sister. Yeah, like I have those among friends (Ate Kams) for example, but of course, it’s different if you’re really related. I imagine being pampered and all that, plus I get to have someone to depend on, you know?

MARCH 25, 2015: What risk did you take that paid off?
I guess I will always consider this my biggest risk: going to Manila and watching concerts. In all honesty, I never thought I would be able to do even as I was fangirling. And it all paid off because of the experiences that I will never forget. ♥

MARCH 26, 2015: Who is one of your favorite family members? Why?
Do I really have to answer this question? I never want to be biased when it comes to family. But if we’re talking closest, then it’s my sister~

MARCH 27, 2015: What issue are you dealing with today?
I wouldn’t really term it as an issue but I’m concerned about my friends. We don’t really get to meet a lot nowadays and I hate that. They’re all so busy and if you ask them to hang out, they’d say they don’t have money *rolls eyes*

MARCH 28, 2015: What is your social media of choice?
Actually, Twitter is my favorite. It’s because it’s mostly where I can be me – I post kpop statuses, photos, videos and all is well. Rants and other utterances are welcome as there as well. It’s just freedom!

MARCH 29, 2015: What do you wish you could tell a friend about himself/herself?
Hmm. I want to tell a friend to be less frank? Sometimes it just hurts, you know. It’s good to be honest but there’s a limit to things. Maybe she’s/he’s telling truths, but there are less blunt ways to do. Because it just comes off as an insult sometimes.

MARCH 30, 2015: How do you feel about romantic relationships right now?
HALLELUJAH FOR THIS! It’s my boyfriend’s birthday today~ Happy birthday, Song Mino ♥♥♥ #MyFavoriteSongIs23 Hahaha I really want to try out the dating thing, especially because I want someone I can freely do things with like travel and just nothing. Lels I’m just praying for it.

MARCH 31, 2015: How do you get yourself to focus?
I don’t know about other things but like for work and study? I think I focus when I have music playing – songs that I like, of course. No other “noise” can do and have such effect like music to me. Though there are times I would need silence too~


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