High Ridge with Anna Mari and Friends

Yesss, it’s finally the weekend when Anna gets to go home from Cebu, and of course, there’s no way we’re not meeting ㅋㅋㅋ For the record, the reason she’s flying back is because her brother and cousins are graduating (a total of 3 – such jackpot, right?). Hmm, we were supposed to meet Friday night but family duties await her so yeah, I couldn’t insist my way. I was suuuuper excited already though~

Saturday came, naturally, and plans to meet still weren’t clear. Huhu. Since my tita flew home as well, from Manila, girls in the family (Mama, Shiela and I) accompanied her for the day. First stopover was Medical Hospital for a checkup then we had lunch at McDo Divi. All of a sudden, I got a call from Anna saying she’s in Divi too, with her close gals, Charmaine and Blessy, and that I should come and we’ll go to High Ridge. I was like, blank – I was with family, though I told them I had to go somewhere for the day but again, it wasn’t anything sure yet. Good thing I – we finished eating that time, so it became natural to leave. Fast forward, I separated ways with them and rushed to where the BFF is.

I was actually hesitant to go with Anna and her friends because it’s all our first time to hang out together. We’re schoolmates in high school but we were in different circles. You understand my dilemma, right? Anna and I just met through our previous work (first jobs after graduation!) and well, we just clicked! *wink* Anyways, I washed away those inhibitions and just got on with it, especially that Anna has limited time to stay in the city.

It’s to be my first time to visit High Ridge as well, and I thought they were only open from 5PM onwards. As I’ve seen from Facebook, folks mostly uploaded photos during the nighttime. But apparently, they have a new schedule already and they’re available from 12NN to 12MN. Well, maybe this is because they’re big now and want to accommodate more customers. 🙂

We rode a taxi all the way up and honestly, because of how the driver was acting, I thought he was bringing us somewhere else. Ugh, paranoid. Lels end result, I’m still alive and blogging about everything now XD


As you can see, there’s an entrance fee of 100 pesos, but you can use the amount for food and drinks, so win-win (⌒_⌒)


We got seated, of course, and no apologies, photo ops ensue. They were saying it’s good I brought my camera. I’m happy that I did tooooo ♪


Time to order!


Since I was already full, I just went for their Ube Ice Cream Shake. It’s such a shame – it would’ve been nice to taste their food but I couldn’t stomach it anymore ㅠㅠ It’s not nice to be a glutton, right? Chars.


Crazy things going on while waiting for our orders:


Noontime and we’re getting ourselves under the heat just to capture the view behind us. Look at our squinted eyes – the struggle is real, yo!


Story behind the above photo: we were using Xiamo’s monopod for my camera but apparently they’re not very compatible (the cam’s too heavy), therefore it tends to rotate. Fail but fun(〃▽〃)

Crew took a lovely picture ✿ฺ
Anna’s Sugbang Belly


As they’re dining and I’m sipping on my drink, a lot of chatting was done. We’re, in reality, pretty like-minded, though they would “outcast” me as someone from the first section in high school. Psh, I’m not studious at all, trust me. I’m too lazy for that shizz. Hahaha

We did rotating videos by the city view as well and it was very hilarious, maybe even embarrassing. Lels good thing, there aren’t a lot of people – I think that’s an advantage in coming during the early times of the day…


By the way, their CR is weirdly beautiful~~

Yes, that’s nature right there.
I want this shot! – Argh, I hate being the photographer XD


Transpo way back down proved to be difficult though. We asked if the establishment can get us a taxi but they couldn’t get in touch with their contacts. We actually almost decided to just hike down but good thing, guards not yet in duty gave us habal-habal rides for 30 pesos each. Anyways, it’s Anna’s treat, still. Hahaha

To cut this long post short, we proceeded to Grand Central for videoke and afterwards, we were off to our respective homes. Well, I’m no doubt thrilled to see and be with Anna Mariaaa. On a side thought, people told us before that we look similar. Yesterday, taxi driver even asked if we were sisters. Hahaha but this really proved the point:

Long time no see, my beshy. ㅋㅋ We do look alike somehow~ XD #bff

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OMG, RIGHT??? Allow me to be amazed ガ━━Σ(゚Д゚|||)━━ン!!

Oh, I’m going to Cebu this April 17 with Ate Kams~ (*´>∇<)And that only means one thing: MY FIRST TRAVEL ESCAPADE FOR 2015!!! I’m off to Bukidnon for Holy Week though but I wouldn’t count that. We’ll meet Anna, Kathleen and Dave and I’m just – I CAN’T FREAKING WAIT v(@∀@)v

Bottomline, go visit High Ridge. Lels and again, the weekend is wonderfully spent ★


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