Magical Goodness with Frozen Fever + Cinderella

I’m in self house arrest this weekend, so let me just tell you about my past one. Yes, I’m sorry, blog duties are super late – like one week late ㅠㅠ

I’ll start with my #ootd because I’m an aspiring fashionista like that:

New FB profile picture!

Above is srsly not a don’t-look-at-the-camera pose. Haha Mama actually called me while sis was taking photos. But I’m glad Shiela had the initiative (I would term it as that (。≖ิ‿≖ิ)) so that I have this sort of stolen shot. Hihihi

I wanted to wear shorts but because buds and I planned to watch in Gaisano Mall, I couldn’t and wouldn’t do so, since their cinema is so cold~ But because summer is slowly coming, I thought the sleeveless top was necessary. Honestly, I started wearing such around college? I’m a late bloomer (*μ_μ)ポッ

With Christabelle. Gosh my hair is a mess ><

I think it was Christabelle who told me that Cinderella is to be shown – what do you expect from me? Ask me Korean/Kpop news, that’s my forte (# ̄ー ̄#) We were even supposed to do a marathon if only Para Sa Hopeless Romantic starring Jadine pushed through with its announced date, which was March 11 *rolls eyes*

The plan was after lunch; it was gonna be, as mentioned, Christabelle and I + Dyan + Andee then my sister joined us. Since we ended arriving at Gaisano by 3PM and one show was at 2:30PM, we obviously missed it. And so, we bought tickets for the 4PM timeslot. We have an hour, so we used that time to first visit Lablab, then we went to Centrio to withdraw money for snacks (I needed a BPI ATM!).

I know, like can we proceed to the movie itself? Sarreh naman ( ̄  ̄)………

Of course, I like catching trailers since I get to be updated with new releases + it readies me for the movie I’m actually to watch. And what have you, we all got a treat with Frozen Fever! The trailer’s below and in reality, it really is to be shown with Cinderella. Yay, Disney! The short film was so full of love and cuteness – just 8 minutes but kyaaa ♡♡♡

Here are movie posters to introduce characters of beloved Cinderella:

Chosen to a T!
I just know Helena Bonham Carter is a magnificent actress~

I’m not a Disney baby like the others who tuned in to every release but for the most part, Cinderella held many of my childhood memories. My kiddo years were the time of the VHS and we had a tape of the cartoon. I remember always playing it – we had a rewinder that I think was so overused for we kept on repeating Cinderella. Therefore, I was so deeply fond of the story, above others. And that is why I was definitely hyped into having it brought to life. No doubt I need justice!!!!

Well, very good, because I got it~~ .。;・+ヾ(♥◕ฺ∀◕ฺ)ノ゚:。・+ There were changes but nothing too major to ruin the storyline. The side of the Prince was brought in plus the incorporation of his meeting with Cinderella outside the palace was just wonderful. I still can’t get over KIT and his agitation! ㅋㅋ

‘Tis what I’m talking about.

Christabelle and I were srsly elbowing each other throughout the movie. Hahaha we were pretty overwhelmed about how everything turned out. It was just soooo beautiful for us. Dreamy ★ I know how folks would depict the existence of Prince Charming as a blow to the ego and pride (like why would you need him to save you? and all that stuff) but anyways, I’m just here for the fun y’all, no need to be sensitive. Lels

Lily James

If I were to be completely honest, Cinderella is my favorite but I’m not and I will not be like her. Haha I wouldn’t do chores all by myself, for the love of God. Equality is important! Or maybe I just wasn’t born during those medieval times when women were to only perform those doings. Thank heavens ヽ(^Д^*)/

Richard Madden

Richard is the bomb!!! Hahaha as usual, I didn’t know about him but *squeals* he’s so manly and handsome~ ♡(✿ฺ。 ✿ฺ) But for me, he isn’t really photogenic but when you see him move on screen, I’m just speechless, you know?

Need some proof? YOU’RE WELCOME. 🙂

And how can we forget about the gown that captivated me very much before and now:

Can I ride this carriage for even once in my life?


This is a perfect example of how it is to be late. You’d get a grand, all-eyes-on-you entrance!!!◇ This is for all the latecomers out there, including me XD I told this to Teejay and she said it depends upon who the person is though. Lels I always get a reality check from her, which is a good balance (*^ー゚)b



This was the scene where…
Cinderella: Everyone’s looking at you.
Prince: Trust me, they’re looking at you.

It’s not verbatim but I was like, NO YOU PRINCE I’M ONLY LOOKING AT YOUUU #k #sorrynotsorry


It’s expected from Hollywood and Disney but I’m still very much in awe of animation works. The transformations of the animals and the pumpkin + Cinderella’s ensemble was E-P-I-C!!!!!



I don’t know if it’s in cinemas wherever you are, but do make time to behold of this classic! ♪

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