Hangout With Friends + Company Outing

The weekend is almost up but I haven’t even shared about happenings last Friday and Saturday. Psh. Anyhoo, here I go…

You know how I looooove my friends and it’s such a shame that a number of my very close chums are in Cebu now, working. These people are the ones I can really call to just spend time and stuff but again, because of the distance between us at the moment, no-no to much bonding time. Boohoo, I miss y’all!!!! ㅠㅠ

So, when I saw on Facebook that my mommei, Kathleen, and Dave, were coming back home for a few days, I simply grabbed the chance to meet up with them. Like, they went home last Thursday and because I wasn’t available that night (hihi), I asked them to hang out by Friday, after my working hours. They agreed and so, overjoyed me is well, overjoyed (・∀<)ノ コンチャ♪ I then took it as an opportunity to gather the college barkada. I even went on a texting spree, which is rare, mind you, but all I got was the same old no reply or the “I have no money” card. I will continue to understand though, since that’s your life. I can’t force you to stuff, right? I honestly can say I haven’t pugos anyone for like so bad. That’s me, passive-aggressive. *shrugs*

Okay, let’s go back. I’ve always wanted to try the Sattae Grill, hence, I told Kathleen that we’ll meet there. I was intrigued by the 149-peso grill all you can that they offer. Considering it’s with a decent price, who wouldn’t go for it, right? Fast forward to reality: we ended up just enjoying each other’s company (which is, of course, still good). Dave was to come but because it was his dad’s birthday, he said he was just gonna sneak out a little later. Lels Teejay-chan, on the other hand, was caught up with work and training. Therefore, it couldn’t be helped (_ _|||)



All I can say that it was a funny experience there. I haven’t even thought much that grilling can include smoke and all that (yeah, sarreh) and so, while we were waiting for our food to cook, we felt and smelt burnt ourselves. Hahaha still, it was a hilarious one – Kathleen kept on having ruined barbecue pieces as we were too busy catching up as well XD If I were to judge the establishment though, it was worth a try but then never again. Hihi. Too many cons such as limited food variations. Like, I was craving for more tina-e (intestines) but I only got two since apparently, there was no stocks left. They have small cuts too, which is no doubt very bitin. And we just knew as we were eating, having leftovers will cost you 200 pesos! That’s more than the amount you are to pay for what you’re actually munching on. Good thing we got a fair number that we can handle ourselves~~


Then Dave came and we ended up at McDo Divi, instead of going to the videoke. This is because mommei is said to have a curfew. Lels unlike in Cebu daw~ *rolls eyes* Hahaha we talked about travel plans too. My going to Cebu has always been postponed from February to March (supposedly this weekend!!) and now, April. I hope I finally push through ( ̄Д)=3 This is also because Anna Mari’s rest days aren’t the Saturday and Sunday. Kathleen and Dave has those days off though, so I’m just definitely waiting for Anna. Side news: she’s coming home by the end of March. I. AM. EXCITED! ☆:・゚.*(*´>∇<)b*.゚・:☆

Saturday is company outing day! Believe me when I say I was excited but I got caught up with things. Everyone was to meet at the office by 8AM to then go to Cabula Resort by the Xavier Heights. No probs with me, even though yeah, 8AM is still early for me because it’s the weekend ㅋㅋㅋ As I’ve said, I’ve been caught up with things – I went home and slept by 3AM (I don’t even want to tell details, it just frustrates me), not of my will, and I was seriously going to cry if I wouldn’t be able to wake up and join my work buddies. Nevertheless, I maximized my maybe 5 hours slumber and off I/we went to swim and have fun~ (o≧∇≦)o

outing (1)
outing (2)
Not too happy kiddo. Hahaha
outing (1)
On the way~ From Teejay’s GoPro ★

outing (3)

outing (4)

outing (2)
Weirdness and awkwardness level x infinity. Lels
outing (7)
My only photo of the pool with the bridge + mini zipline
outing (5)
Cutie patooties Pepay and Cratus!
outing (6)

I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with dogs (mostly hate, actually) but now, I’ve seen the light with my puppy, Krystal. Remind me to blog about her sometime! In any case, the love is now at 70% while the hate is at 30%. I’m just scared of the big dog breeds >_<;;

Playing “Dama” after sooo long~
Yes, I’m pretty serious at this game – and winning, in general. (✿ฺ-ω-)
outing (8)
With Adam, Richard and Helen ^^

AWESOOOOOME DAY! The thumbs up Adam and I did above is just right. ㅋㅋ At first, I was kinda hesitant, but with a mild push (I mean, not literally =_=), I tried out the zipline and I have no proof of that but all right~~ I was scared because I may fall down the deep part of the pool and excuse you, I don’t know how to swim ㅠㅠ Then we played games at the pool too, from the Catch The Tail, Wet T-Shirt Relay and the Fill The Bottle With Water Relay. I’m proud to say my team won the first one because of me. Chos. But then I failed to uphold such worth by the second game as I was too slow. Lels but congrats to everybodyyy

I’m hoping I can join more of these getaways next time and that we’d all be present (*^-^*)

outing (9)
What’s this?

And to conclude, I already have my hands on my Winner Welcoming DVD package ♡♡♡ Will show contents soon yo~!!


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