The Dreaded Question All Single People Hate, ‘Why Are You Still Single?’

“If you’re single, you’re expected to be sad and doing everything in your power to not be single anymore. And if you’re quite happy about your singleness, it’s seen as denial. You can’t possibly be happy. Sigh. Really? I mean, really? There’s this general (and quite fucking offensive really) wave of pity directed at you because my word, you must be so damn lonely! Um, how about no?

And of course, the more out of reach something is, the more you want it. Then you start to wonder if you really are happy, if you really are content, if you really do feel complete, if you really do enjoy your own company more, if you really don’t need a companion to share all those crazy experiences with. And it’s not because you aren’t, the world just says you aren’t and because we’re human, we’re all going to want want to assimilate to some extent.”

And this…

“The problem, I’ve noticed, is society not being okay with the idea of you being single.”



Thought Catalog

Flickr / Marcy KellarFlickr / Marcy Kellar

Why are you still single? Why are you still single?

A question that irks even the strongest, most independent and emotionally sound single people I know. It stings like no other, hits the weakest of your weak spots and undermines you faster than you can blink. Naturally, not everybody will care. There are some people who are blissfully single and can think of no greater punishment than being connected to a significant other. And then there are those that aren’t. I think I’m part of the second group, or am I?

The honest answer to this question is that I really don’t know. And that’s not from a lack of trying to understand why. Occasionally I feel like responding to this question with: “Why are you STILL a dick?” but you know, I have to be polite and shit. I (like quite a few people my…

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