KPop Concerts in Manila This 2015 = #iponing

Amazingly, I’ve had my fair share of concerts (Thank You, Lord.) Since I’m such an avid ELF and I was blessed to have the finances to go for unexpected dreams to see the Super Junior members live, I was able to enjoy Super Shows 2, 3 and 5 in Manila. Mentioning it now, those days still feel surreal for me. Aigooo (ノω`*)ノ” ンフフフフッ

At any rate, since I was laying low on the fandom because of a certain someone (I hope you know who), I vowed to myself that I won’t watch anymore shows at the meantime EXCEPT if they are with WINNER (ehem #WWIC2015 ehem), Big Bang and/or iKON. A YG Family con would just suffice, yes?

*praying to the heavens for this to happen and that I can afford*

Nevertheless, I’m almost changing this decision because of one of the confirmed performers to come in Manila. How can you come here so out of the blue…. I have a soft, weak spot for Tablo (and Haru), among others, especially after he replied to me on Twitter. And srsly this group’s songs are daebak, from Love Love Love to recent hits, Spoiler, Happen Ending and Born Hater. I WANT TO SEE AND HEAR THEM LIVE UGHHH (I hope you read and feel the desperation XD)

Here goes info + more about other Kpop concerts in le freaking Manila, 1000 miles away from moi ㅠㅠ:



WHEN: April 18, 2015 08:00 PM

WHERE: SKYDOME, SM City North Edsa


Tickets are already available since February 21 and I can only HUHUHU my life away. Lels. I can take the ticket price, realistically, but this is just too sudden and I’ve got to plan things out first. I’m just really praying Epik High doesn’t bring Mino and/or Double B over. I WON’T LIIIIIIIIVE

Anyways, supposing you’re a High Skool and you’re planning to watch, you can buy via online or through SM outlets nationwide.



WHEN: May 2, 2015 08:00 PM

WHERE: Mall of Asia (MOA) Arena

I’m not a fan; I only know the Leo and N. Hence, I’m not very interested. ㅋㅋㅋ I know they’re popular but I think the MOA Arena is too big for them? That’s my personal opinion though~ But I wish them luck, more so the Starlights (I did my research, mind you) who have to save and spend their moolah. Himnae!! There are High Touch raffles though, for VIPs – that’s just awesome but if you do win =_=

Tickets will be for the taking this March 7! Refer here at Pulp Live World.


WHAT: Best of Best KPOP Concert
(featuring Super Junior, Girls Generation, Red Velvet and BTOB)

WHEN: April 12, 2015 07:00 PM

WHERE: Philippine Arena

This, though, I still believe to be a hoax. Hahaha sarreh. I’ll add in info here if ever this becomes something legit. The lineup almost shouts out, “SMTown!” I actually don’t prefer this kind of stages because there is limited time per artist. It’s all right if I like them all but what if I don’t? That’s like paying for folks I didn’t want to watch. Some dose of reality for y’all~ Again, though, a YG Family con would be fantastic baby!!! Pun pun pun – I just had to add it.


UPDATE!! The seat plan is released as you see, so I’ll have to think this may be really true. Lels

Inang Reyna, Happee Sy, continues to tease the Philippine Kpop community though, with tweets and replies. And I’m absolutely concerned because a Big Bang concert might be next! Lord, please can I go?? I wasn’t able to do so before when they went here for Alive Tour since no money + thesis time. Let it be by the second half of the year ε=(/*~▽)/

Among all this hype, I sincerely just want WINNER babies here. Thanks, YG and freaking organizers. I’ll be waiting. And saving. *wink*


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