When It Comes To Friends, Less Is More

“But, like a plant, maintaining a friendship isn’t hard. (It really isn’t.) A phone call every now and then to check in; maybe grab lunch or dinner sometime; go out and do something, either together or in a group; just make the effort to show you care.”


“Then there are the people who live in your area — some of whom you’ve known for years; others whom you’ve known for many a few months — who can’t seem to make time for you. They play the, “I’m busy” card, which is nothing more than a coward-like way of them trying to rid (or at least play off) their guilt.”

Boom. Please be enlightened. I love y’all but I can’t stand this.

Thought Catalog

Community: Season 3Community: Season 3

The idea has been fed to us since we were in elementary school, maybe even younger — the more friends you have, the cooler you are; the more people like you. And while that is all good and grand from a popularity standpoint, I feel like a lot of people have lost sight of what exactly the purpose of a friend is. Then there’s another group of people who I think never really understood what that purpose is in the first place.

Just because someone’s profile shows up when you click a tab on your Facebook, doesn’t make them a friend. Just because you have each other’s numbers, doesn’t make them a friend. And perhaps the big one — just because you were friends at one point, doesn’t make them a friend now.

I’ve never had an abundance of friends in my life; I’ve always kind of had a…

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