Q & A Journal: FEBRUARY 2015

FEBRUARY 1, 2015: I love to talk about _____.
Korea. Okay, sorry, all right? I know you’re expecting this answer already, so… It’s actually self-explanatory. I love what the country can offer from their culture to their entertainment and I’m so updated about that. Hence, it’s what I’ll respond for now. ♥

FEBRUARY 2, 2015: Since I got involved with _____, I feel worse.
A fight? Basically, a really childish fight that adults shouldn’t have. I feel worse, not because I’m guilty but because I don’t deserve the hostility or something. And like the priest said yesterday, “There is no peace without justice.” Anyways, I’ll just pray to God and let Him handle them.

FEBRUARY 3, 2015: Do you like team or individual sports better?
Honestly, if I were to think of the blame game (when losing), I’d rather go for individual sports. At the very least, I can only be responsible for myself. Team sports are fun but it makes me nervous if I can perform for the group. I don’t want the game to end and us to lose because of me XD

FEBRUARY 4, 2015: Has anyone ever spread a rumor about you? What was it?
Rumor is such a big word – I’m not popular at all. Lels I can’t think of any at all. I must have been a good kiddo? Hahaha

FEBRUARY 5, 2015: If you could jump in a car right now, where would you go?
Can it be a plane, for God’s sake? Lels. I’m dreaming big, so it should be Seoul. But really, I want it to be somewhere far and new. This awakens my wish to travel, so bad!

FEBRUARY 6, 2015: Describe a bad habit.
My bad habit is being late. I haven’t been doing this for work now (because of deductions) but most of the time, I don’t arrive early. This is because waiting irks me when I get to a place first. Being waited on can be quite a burden too but it’s better than being the one to wait. That’s me 😛

FEBRUARY 7, 2015: What hobbies and/or collections do you have?
My interests include Kpop, writing and fashion, so collections would include idol merch, books and journals and clothes. I think I invest most of my money on those. And believe me when I say I’m always broke.

FEBRUARY 8, 2015: What made you happy about yourself today?
I’m happy that I fought the temptation to not go to church today. Seriously. I missed the 8AM mass and my default would be to go to the 5PM one. I almost did not because my mind and body wavered on resting and all that. Nevertheless, I’m proud to be able to do otherwise. Thank You, Lord! 

FEBRUARY 9, 2015: When was your last buying splurge? What did you buy?
Way to rub my being broke, yeah? Hahaha. I just bought WINNER’s Welcoming DVD. It’s gonna arrive by March, so I’m still waiting~

FEBRUARY 10, 2015: How did a recent fight get resolved?
I think it’s two things: speaking up and letting things be. Okay, that can be quite contradicting but it’s true. It’s still necessary to voice out but keep parts to yourself. Go on with your life because things just can’t be dealt by you. You just have to wait for the time that it will happen and it will be given to you. I DON’T KNOW but I’m settled.

FEBRUARY 11, 2015: People got the wrong impression of me when _____.
I was speaking of truths. My silence is my weapon but if you really want me to be honest, especially verbally, then I can tell you what you need to know. But this also means you’re going to have a distorted image of me, which quite frankly, I don’t care anymore. Okay, it will hurt but what can I do about it? Change or not, you will already have that wrong impression about me.

FEBRUARY 12, 2015: What went well today?
I stayed home today because of the monthly visit. Boohoo T__T But what’s good is I did work still = no work minus. I got Internet for the day so download galore. Finished downloading Running Man with Nam Joohyuk ♥ And Amber’s mini album! Romanized all tracks too and posted it on the blog. And OMG, Goodbye Summer Eng Ver. with Eric Nam!!!! ♥

FEBRUARY 13, 2015: Describe your form of spirituality?
My form of spirituality would be that of a prayerful soul. And I don’t mean memorized prayers. It’s like having spontaneous conversations with the Lord. I’m like this. And I’m working on my Bible reading but I’m seriously failing T__T

FEBRUARY 14, 2015: Who is your Valentine, either secret or out in the open?
SECRET! It’s supposed to be so why should I say anything. Hahaha my Valentines – yes, plural – are James Reid and Song Mino. OMG sorry I’m such a fangirl T__T

FEBRUARY 15, 2015: What do you get criticized for?
As of now, it would be my negativity. Basically, I’m just an overthinker and so, I tend to greatly imagine about past, present and future scenarios of my life. [Other parts omitted]

FEBRUARY 16, 2015: Do you usually win arguments? Why?
It actually depends who I argue with. If it’s with my sister, I usually win, though sometimes, it becomes meaningless afterwards. But in general, I’m pretty much the losing type because I’d rather kill you with my silence. Haha and I don’t like fights at all because it breaks my peace of mind.

FEBRUARY 17, 2015: When was the last time you felt lonely or left out?
NOTE: I skipped answering for a few days because of laziness. Lels so my response to this is related to a happening on February 19. Anyways, I’ve learned to really follow through with writing my answers on the day itself.

Today? Lels OMG this is because it’s a holiday today and work was only for half a day. I was contacting friends to hang out with me but they all are busy with work. And Teejay’s default companion would be Jason, so I didn’t want to be a bother. I missed those times where I can contact somebody and we’d instantly go and eat and talk. T__T

FEBRUARY 18, 2015: If you could hang out with any celebrity for an hour, who would you choose?
Of course it would be Song Mino! ♥ Can we just imagine that there’s no language barrier and everything? Aigoooo can you extend the hour?! #wildimagination

FEBRUARY 19, 2015: What possession do you still have from childhood?
Hmm. Handwritten letters! My close friends and I wrote them for each other. This was in elementary and I still have them, like I read them from time to time. Usual lines are, “Thanks for being a good friend!” Lels

FEBRUARY 20, 2015: I have never told anyone that _____.
Actually I told one person but in general, I wouldn’t tell anyone this. [Other parts omitted]

FEBRUARY 21, 2015: Which TV shows do you like to watch?
For local TV, I can’t really answer because I’ve been watching less of them. Korean TV, on the other hand, I like Running Man and Superman Returns. K-Dramas as well, though I don’t watch them on the day itself when it is aired. It sucks to wait for English subs! T__T

FEBRUARY 22, 2015: How does your drinking or someone else’s affect your life?
Actually, I don’t really drink so I don’t have concerns about that. This is also the same with family and friends. 

FEBRUARY 23, 2015: I’m too young to _____.
My first thought was to HAVE SEX. Maybe my age is “legal” already but I really will do it with my husband after marriage. No one else. Lord, right? ♥

FEBRUARY 24, 2015: I’m too old to _____.
BE TOLD TO GO HOME EARLY. Lels but seriously, this has been forever my complaint. I’m already 22 but I have to ask permission everytime I go out and all that. I think it’s mainly because of the location of our house but still…

FEBRUARY 25, 2015: What is your favorite place?
Actually, it wouldn’t really matter. As long as I have good company, then that’s good.  But if I’m alone, a library or a comfy bedroom would be my choices.

FEBRUARY 26, 2015: Is sex casual or serious to you?
TOTALLY SERIOUS!!! I don’t know about you but, as I’ve always said, I’m going to do it with my (future) husband ONLY. I can’t even imagine doing it now or something.

FEBRUARY 27, 2015: Are you more logical or artistic?
Now, this is an obvious one. ARTISTIC! ♥ That’s why it’s quite a shame that I took InfoTech. It’s for the logical and I’m just not that. If I can even turn back time and change my circumstances, I would want to enroll in a course relating to English, writing, Tourism or graphic design? Yeah. 

FEBRUARY 28, 2015: What happened that made you angry?
HOW CAN THIS QUESTION BE SO FITTING?! So, [insert name here] called me and we had plans to meet (though unclear) for today. And you know how you’ve got your day planned out and it doesn’t happen? I’m just so disappointed and sad. I’m so tired. It makes me want to prove to people that I’ll be busy and unreachable too like they always do with me. Shityard.


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