It’s Okay, That’s Love (괜찮아, 사랑이야)

On photo: “Do we look strange like this?”


Let me take a breather before I get started.

Please just be aware you’re in for a lengthy post of adoration and praise ㅋㅋ

Well, first and foremost, can you just allow me to declare that It’s Okay, That’s Love is like the best-est K-drama everrrrr?!

Understand the superlative please because I sure am not kidding. Srsly.

Do hear me out when I say I wasn’t a bit interested when it first came out. I, of course, knew hottie Jo Insung (from Memories of Bali, mainly) and my actress peg, Gong Hyojin (from great dramas Pasta and The Master’s Sun) but this one I casually turned away from. Another “excuse” would be that I wanted it to be done first since waiting for the next episode each time is torture. An international fan has to wait for English subs as you all know~~ I honestly didn’t know its plot – I knew it was so big in Korea and why wouldn’t it be? You’ve got such an amazing lineup after all, from main leads to supporting characters:

Jo Insung

Once more, this cool and mighty lad that definitely resembles and reminds me of the grade school crush… Lels

Gong Hyojin

I fancy her so much – she and the characters she has portrayed (→ิܫ←ิ)クーーー♥ She get to be partnered up with the likes of So Jisub too. Lucky and talented woman! #jelly

Lee Kwangsoo

Uri giraffe!! Hurrr it’s my first time to watch him act and I’m so impressed, even though it’s like he’s just playing himself (or his Running Man persona, that is) ( ̄∇ ̄;) ハッハッハッ

Sung Dongil

I have no other words but I like him! (v`▽´)v From Reply 1997 to this, he certainly fits the angry-and-always-shouting personality. Hahahaha but really, he has such short-tempered roles XD

Do Kyungsoo

And what have you, here’s D.O~ .゚ヽ(´∀`。)ノ゚He has quite a key role and I’m glad he was able to perform with justice. You’re not convinced?? Well, he won the Best New Actor Award at the APAN Drama Star Awards 2014, mind you! ♫ I’m not an EXO-L, so you can count that I’m not being biased or anything of that sort. Haha

Family photo! ♡

Moving on, this 16 episode show principally revolves around Jang Jaeyeol (Insung), a writer and radio DJ, and Ji Haesoo (Hyojin), a psychiatrist. Of course, typically they cross paths but it was through a TV guesting wherein Jo Dongmin (Dongil) was supposed to come for. And so, cliche as it is, fate brought them together. Their first meeting, witnessed by public viewers no less, was full of banter and wit that Jaeyeol becomes interested with her. That fascination has then led him to live in the same house with her, along with Dongmin and Park Sookwang (Kwangsoo) though. A whirlwind of events then occur regarding Jaeyeol’s and Haesoo’s own selves and their families. They have issues that are addressed and are yet to be so – that’s just the mystery of the whole thing. *WINK* Let’s just not forget the part where they fall in love, obviously~♥ But since I don’t want to be such a spoiler, you really just have to take the time and watch this. You’ll have no regrets, I swear!!!!! (★ ̄∀ ̄★)

P.S. Just Google the whole synopsis and relieve your curiosity. Hihi

I am forever looking for rom-coms and It’s Okay, That’s Love has not failed the desires of my heart. Chos. Skinship and interactions were more than enough to have me gushing and wishing for such love – minus the intense mental crisis please (I did a pun, if you notice *´ェ`*).

My most beloved part would be around EP8 ✿ฺ It involved traveling and on such a whim at that, which I just want to have a try in my future. Nevertheless, I’m unlike these characters who earn a lot of money to just jet set immediately, so just allow me to fantasize


Haesoo was usually independent and strong herself, so it was absolutely refreshing how she was whining and sucking up to Jaeyeol for attention while she was injured. Aigoooo (*≧∀≦*)~♥ And I just knew this info: Hyojin was actually really injured from a car accident and her condition was then just incorporated into the story. How smart, right? That totally made the episode more of my favorite u‿ฺu


They went to Okinawa, Japan. Isn’t it just so cool? I srsly want to travel overseas with my beloved!!!


An unforgettable scenario happened during this photo. GAAAAAAH CAN YOU WATCH ♡♡♡ Bsta it was all about Jaeyeol complaining that it was unfair how Haesoo could touch him anytime she wants but when he does it, she avoids it and puts him in his place. It’s unfair indeed and it’s even rather sweet that he’s open about it, right~? He says he just wants to express his affection (Please give me a Jaeyeol or an Insung in real life, okay?!!)

What else? Hmm..

On top of the romance bit that I super like, this has an interesting story line with mystery and thrill – some action, maybe – but all in all, you just get hooked. I don’t remember being bored and that’s big because I’m easily fed up when I’m not entertained【・ω・】

And when talking of endings, we all dread it, yes, and I’m no exception. I’ve been an avid K-drama fan and it’s no surprise if finales are almost always lackluster. Like, sometimes, you just gotta ask yourself, “What did I freaking watch for (insert number of episodes here) for?” Well, my verdict for It’s Okay, That’s Love is…


I don’t even want to tell anymore. I’ll just shut up and let you die of wonder, yeah? Hahahaha hell, it’s basically a happy ending – what I’ve been looking for ever since 人´∀`) Just thinking about it now, it just makes me melt, sarreh ㅠㅠ

Another of this drama please or something…

Hyojin’s and Insung’s arms though~ Ehem! #otp ♡
Need I say more?

Img0404_20140730085550_3Img0404_20140710124805_2Img0404_20140710124805_8 Img0404_20140814193044_3 Img0404_20140819141244_7 Img0404_20140826134429_1 Img0404_20140827151155_4 Img0404_20140827151155_5 Img0404_20140905175622_4

Can’t you just feel the love and chemistry between these two?? A perfect match, srslyyy(●→‿ฺ←●)I had to stop myself in adding more pictures. Lels

Lee Sungkyung

A shoutout to this girl by the way! Her dip dyed hair is a style I truly yearn for but I can’t seem to achieve..?(-□-+)


P.S. Listen to the OST too. Impeccable~~~

And the meaning of the bathtub image in the beginning of this post, discover it yourself v(*ё*)v

itsokaythatslove8Here’s a handsome man to say bye for me ♥


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