My #Jadine Invades CDO Experience

If you’re someone very close to me or you’re someone I get to be with a lot, you’d know that when it comes to Filipino artists, I greatly “fangirl” (this is the most fitting term, mind you) over James Reid and now his loveteam with Nadine Lustre, which is Jadine ♪(。◕ฺˇε ˇ◕ฺ。)♡

Teejay told me I liked James even before, from his PBB stint. I don’t remember it exactly but I’m well aware I was happy when he won. That explains it, I guess o゜ー゜o?? To make this story shorter, I basically like these partners-in-crime tandem because they’re both so talented – in acting, singing and dancing, among others. James is such a cutie and a hottie at the same time, like OMG HE’S MY DREAM GUY!!! (✪ฺ艸✪ฺ) And Nadine is such a simple and stylish girl and I srsly felt “connected” with her when I knew she watched 2NE1’s concert in Manila. Kpop sister ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ #forgivemepls

So, by all means, I promised myself (and the universe, lels) that if ever they come here in le hometown of Cagayan de Oro, I would go. If you must know, I’m really one person who would go beyond normal when it comes to my fangirling profession. Hahahaha in any case, when my sister texted me about their coming here last February 15, Sunday, for their #JadineFeverTour, my mental calendar had their show scheduled already. Of course! I’ve been waiting for so long!

I was so giddy; I liked and commented posts about them by Centrio. I always checked back for updates and all that. The seats were first come, first serve basis, so I figured out I had to be early. This is because I know a lot of folks like James too. Too much competitors~~ o(゚д゚o≡o゚д゚)o And there was also mechanics relating to the show: you had to have a 1000+(?) php receipt from the mall OR you could buy their albums in the Activity Center itself before you can actually score seats. I chose the latter because it’s relatively cheaper and at least I get to have a keepsake of them. And I was hoping for a meet and greet slash CD signing too – and voila, there actually was! WHO WOULDN’T BE EXCITED, TELL MEEEEE ♥

Fast forward to Sunday: Shiela and I went to church at 8AM and we planned to go directly to Centrio. I thought it was safe to be early and even just spend the whole day there even if the show is to be still at 5PM. But a little mishap happened. I left my phone at home (UGH), so we had to head back then set out again. I felt behind my schedule but since it was still around 9AM that time and the mall opens around 10-ish, I was quite relaxed.

We got to Ayala by almost 11AM and we first checked out the Activity Center. The area wasn’t really set up yet but there were boundaries already. There was a little number of fans awaiting too, I guess. Since it was still “peaceful”, we left and did some errands and sightseeing. Then we were at the 3rd floor and we peered down, we saw people were falling in line. We rushed and joined the small crowd, then Bernice came with her friend/classmate, which has livened the atmosphere more while we were waiting for what’s to come for us.

Before noon, we got our CDs (mine, Reid Alert; Shiela, Nadine Lustre). You could only have a sign of the person you bought a CD for and good thing, Shiela compromised because I couldn’t stand buying the same one twice (the James album) because honestly, it’s a waste. We were given numbers, which were useless in reality (though later on, it became advantageous) since you still have to line up to enter the premises. Anyways, we went to BonChon for lunch, did bathroom rounds and as we decided to go to the iStore, we once more saw a line for the entrance. We’re back to running again and a little while later, we got seated.

This was at around 12NN, so imagined how long we waited, though it was all right because we had sure seats and we were allowed to go out for our food and restroom needs. The Activity Area was bustling with Jadine songs and videos too, which was fun but it did get boring. For like 5+ hours, those were on repeat. You understand, right? I NEEDED THE REAL THING IN THE FLESH!! ★

The first 60 fans had perks though (us included \(^∀^)メ(^∀^)ノ), as in we were moved to the front with free Jadine posters + a Flawlessly U soap. Hihi but I couldn’t just wait any longer. The place was packed and to make it more thrilling, a violin show transpired. I’m sorry but I was part of the great many who were so happy when they ended. OK!!!

There was a nagging feeling that James wouldn’t be around ㅠㅠ I was updating the whole afternoon and accounts were saying he was sick. Also, his whereabouts weren’t known as Nadine (with Marcelo Santos III) was the only one seen going and arriving here. Ate Kams who works in the airport even texted that James wasn’t around. But maybe I was stubborn; I was still praying and hoping he was just flying late or whatever – the possibilities. I know I wouldn’t stand it supposing he won’t be able to come.

And I did get disappointed. Huhuhu ||||||||||||||(_ _。)ブルー||||||||||||||||

I certainly felt betrayed and cheated because I spent almost one day to wait for them, for James and that happened. I knew he couldn’t turn up because of the sickness but my irrational side just couldn’t take it. My time, effort and money~!! OTL

Anyhoo, let my photos and videos do the talking for me. I’m still pretty satisfied with Nadine bb. Her live singing is just wow, though she got some missed notes because she couldn’t hear herself amidst the screams. Well done, girl! Kinaya mo ang pghandle sa tao kahit mag-isa lng~ (v^ー°)

Waiting to meet Nadine and have album signed~

Another shot of @nadzlustre ★ #JaDineFeverTour #JaDine

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Para-paraan by @nadzlustre #JaDineFeverTour #JaDine

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