12 Surprising Benefits Of Being A Late Bloomer In Life

“You understand just how mean other people can be and you vow to never treat someone the way you’ve been treated in the past.”


Thought Catalog

image - joestpierreimage – joestpierre

You know what it’s like to be the underdog, the ugly ducking, the one who never seemed like you’d get your shit together. Everyone banked on you either never being successful, attractive, or interesting in any way. But now look at you. You’re starting to get there. You know what you want. You’re figuring it out. You might not be on the same level as everyone who peaked in high school but that’s okay. Who wants to peak at 18 anyway? Here’s some awesome benefits of being a late bloomer.

1. You have a hidden talent for discovering fellow underdogs. You can sense when someone has great potential under all their awkwardness and you make it a point to connect with them and root them on. Everyone needs someone to support their dreams.

2. When you finally get on the same level as your peers you have…

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