#Linked2015 + Eli’s Cosplay Looks

 Last Sunday, I was supposed to just stay at home and wallow in my books ㅋㅋ but then, I remembered my beshie, Eli, invited me to watch her group perform (as in, dance) on another cosplay engagement. It’s actually named Linked 2015, which was mainly a LAN party and the cosplay competition was just part of it. It was held in Limketkai Center.

I didn’t want to fail Eli, because trust me, I know how it feels when not one of your friends come to something of your interest (I’ve had my share of kpop dance stages before, mind you) and so, I forced my lazy ass out of bed. That realization was around 10-11 AM? But then Mama let me do the laundry(ー○ー)=3  Of course, I had to oblige because otherwise, I might not be allowed to go. Lels the program was to be by 2PM, I think, but I got there at almost 3PM and it hasn’t even started yet. Sometimes, Filipino time is an advantage for a late comer like moi~~


Teejay called and said she was by the center but when I got there, I was faced with rows of computer players. Wuuuut so I went behind the stage because I thought maybe I’d see Eli there and boy, was I right. Hahaha and look, how can you not help but gush when you see her look!!! (◎>U<◎)I felt ugly less prettier? v( ̄∇ ̄)v


I like the color of my lips here! Omg sarreh


Met with these two after the quick meetup with Eli. Her group, CnD, was actually the one to open up the event, so they were already preparing. Teejay and Jason were actually at the center, as they said, but again, the computers hid them from my view beforehand.

I’m yet to upload the video of their opening dance, so nothing to see here. It was a riot while filming though because bastards with DSLRs kept on going to the front, blocking the performance. Afterwards, Eli was to change for their other presentation. Hence, we just looked for seats (yes, there were no seats available, can you believe that?!) and then we ate barbecue flavored fries. Oh how my mouth is watering right now……

In any case, I was still go to church for the 5:30PM mass, so by past 4PM, we were scrambling to meet Eli again. She was by the backstage already and so, photo ops!!


Can you appreciate her look again? SHE’S JUST TOO PRETTY IT HURTS

Dibs on fave pic!!!! GORGEOUS ((♡∀♡●)

I guess you can certainly see that “birds of the same feather, flock together,” eh? Hahaha most of my chums are into Asian (Korean, Japanese) culture/entertainment too ☆彡


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