Q & A Journal: JANUARY 2015

I’m going to introduce you to a gift I bought myself for my birthday this year. Actually, it was an early present as I had it before 2015 even started. I don’t remember – maybe I was doing last minute shopping? I was in the bookstore and I just saw this gem!!! ( ˘ ³˘)

From the cover, it’s a Q & A a day Journal: 365 Questions // 3 Years // 1,095 Answers.

In essence, it’s like a time capsule. I just sincerely and honestly answer the questions for the specific date, everyday. This will be a cycle for the next 3 years, meaning I will be able to track down my changes as a person. Interesting, right?

Hence, I’m posting my responses for this month, January 2015. I just wanted a virtual copy of these, you know, for safekeeping. (Oh, reallyyyyy?) And I’m putting these up because I have nothing to hide – if you’re going to judge me because of my answers here, then that’s your problem. These aren’t too personal as well, so I’m okay. I DON’T CARE. Hahaha



JANUARY 1, 2015: What made you laugh today?
Well, drank soju for the first time, with the family. We were awaiting each other’s reaction about the taste. It had an okay taste though. Another thing: watched Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. One hilarious scene was when the food storm started and the main character was trying very hard to go back to his lab but the twister was so strong~

JANUARY 2, 2015: What do you like best about yourself?
I guess when I want something, I always find ways. With little things from hanging out with friends to big ones like traveling and flying away for a Korean concert, I think I’m capable enough to go after them, again more so when I have that immense desire.

JANUARY 3, 2015: Who do you confide in most? Why?
I think it would be a tie between Jan Karina and Teejay. Of course they don’t know everything but I share a great percentage of my life to them since I’ve been with them since high school and for college. Not to mention, we share similar views on things. Simply, they’re my best friends ♥

JANUARY 4, 2015: How many hours do you play sports or exercise in a week?
I’m sorry, I don’t exercise at all. Lels my long walk home would only be my way to stretch my body. Dancing is another option too. I’m not really into fitness but I do want to be healthy. Haha

JANUARY 5, 2015: What decision is nagging at you?
Coincidentally, it’s the first day of work for the year.. I’m saying I’m at the crossroads when talking of my employment. I love my job as a writer because that has always been somewhat my dream but there’s so many demands and with an inadequate pay at that. Let’s just say I have a love-hate relationship with my work. But it’s seriously bothering me if I should stay or not. I feel that I am worthy and capable of more, especially in terms of the salary.

JANUARY 6, 2015: What song makes you feel good?
First off, it’s my birthday today! #2NE2
Anyways, I’ll answer this question with a KPOP song, Sistar’s I Swear. It is seriously my jam since I first listened to it. Believe it or not, I can play it all day long without getting tired of it. It makes me happy and just pretty, like very much. Sweet, energetic song ♥

JANUARY 7, 2015: Would you rather be with a group of friends or alone?
Of course, there are moments when I want my alone time but as of right now, I would really prefer being with my friends. I’m so stressed out at work, I just want to hang out and even travel. But the problem stands that my groupies almost always have money issues. I do have those but I choose to overlook them for fun~ #explain Hahaha

JANUARY 8, 2015: How important are grades to you?
When I think about it now, they should have been very, very important. I was a scholar in college but I was never an achiever at all. But if having good grades meant you learned a lot and can apply those learnings to get a high-paying job, then I should have strived to score high. Bottomline is, grades can signify an advantage but it also doesn’t mean they’re gonna be everything. Wait – did I answer the question correctly?

JANUARY 9, 2015: What recent news event got your attention?
I can’t really think of anything else but something in entertainment. Marian Rivera and Dingdong Dantes married the most extravagant way. Like, Marian had a 2 Million peso dress and their wedding cake was so massive.

JANUARY 10, 2015: What does someone in your family often nag you about?
I would say my father really wants me to go work for the government. I understand him and his reasons, especially regarding salary and benefits, but I just don’t like how he wants me to achieve it. Through someone I despise that is. I do want to do this but in my own terms.

JANUARY 11, 2015: On a scale of 1 to 10, how much of a risk taker are you?
In general, I’d be on a safe number like 5. I’m quite guarded and careful on things. But when it comes to aspects like Kpop and travel, I’d think I’m a 7 or 8. Risk taking just matters on my passion for the situation.

JANUARY 12, 2015: As far as books go, I couldn’t put down _____.
That’s supposed to be a title, right? Haha. Anyways, of course, it’s gonna be Love, Rosie! Faaaave book of all time even had a movie adaptation, which I watched last weekend. Went a lot of times to the bookstore to read and hold it but during my senior year in high school, I got it as a Christmas gift! I then shared this book to all my reader friends. If you’ve read this book, then surely we’re besties! Lels

JANUARY 13, 2015: What do you think about drinking?
Well, I want to get drunk but only with my future husband. Haha my fantasy ♥ Since marriage can be considered without boundaries, I can be crazy and someone can take my drunk butt home. I’ve never been drunk before, by the way. So, I don’t exactly know if I can handle my liquor or not. We’ll see in the future! But I believe in moderate drinking, if that’s what you’re asking.

JANUARY 14, 2015: What nice thing did you do for yourself today?
Well, I treated myself to yummy food during lunch (read: fast food!) and I think I was quite open regarding about my interest about Korea, Kpop and cute guys? Hahaha. And I didn’t put a pressure to myself to please others and all that. Oh my God, this is so deep. Lels

JANUARY 15, 2015: How much time do you spend on social media?
If you were to ask me last year, I would answer you with A LOT because at work, we handle social media and we access them personally as well. But anyways, it isn’t the same now and the time to spend on social media is strictly limited already. Hence, my response would be like 30% to 40% of my time? Before, it was like 60% to 70%. I just want you to notice the difference~ Kkk

JANUARY 16, 2015: Do you ever feel like an outsider? Why?
Wow, this question just hits right at home. Lol, well, yeah, I do. I mean, I think this is because I’m generally shy and quiet. And I can’t make friends instantly. I can’t hold conversations too! If we’re close, that’ll be easy but otherwise – SIGH. I feel that I’m also so caught up in my own world, I can’t/don’t let anybody in. I don’t know.

JANUARY 17, 2015: Describe your fantasy job or internship.
I have many! ♥ First off, I want to be a travel ambassador/blogger. They’ll pay me to go on trips and I do reviews and all that. South Korea~~ Next, a stylist/magazine editor. I’m into fashion and style, though no designer brands. It’d be nice to come up with clothes and outfits. Hmm, someone related to concerts? A backstage person. To see my idols up close. Hahaha. And well, just to be a writer for a publication or a newspaper 🙂

JANUARY 18, 2015: I wish people knew I was _____.
INTERESTING and FUN TO BE WITH! Chos. But really, I just wish people to look beyond the surface. If you talk with me, I’m sure to listen and converse with you too. You can easily make me laugh and I’m not maarte either. And also, even if, yes, Kpop and Korea, is a big part of my life but you can talk to me about other things. I’m very open for fun and friendship!

JANUARY 19, 2015: In what ways do you show your individuality?
If we’re talking, I can really say my individuality would be the “girl who is obsessed with Korea.” I’m not really showy about it (I think) but people label me like that, which I honestly don’t know if I like it or not. Well, maybe I show my individuality through my writing too. It’s the way I can fully express myself, so…

JANUARY 20, 2015: List two of your favorite comfort foods.
I think this is my most favorite question so far. Or it’s not really a question? Anyways, my comfort foods in the top two would be French fries and lasagna! ♥ No explanation needed. #yum

JANUARY 21, 2015: What problems do you think your generation will fix?
That definitely would be about corruption and stuff. I know that we are all aware, even slightly, of how the government is being unfair and it is most likely that we will not follow suit and just aim for reform. Because we, the younger generation, become too tired about how everything works and will aspire for change – one with honesty, integrity and order.

JANUARY 22, 2015: If _____, my life would be better.
I WAS MORE CONFIDENT AND OUTSPOKEN. It’s because I’ve always lived a low profile life. Like, I’m always on the sidelines or at the back. Even if say, I’m good at something, that won’t be known or acknowledged because I refuse to step up. And I know I’m talkative to friends but I want to be able to speak in front of strangers and acquaintances too.

JANUARY 23, 2015: What are you expected to pay for with your own money?
Hmm, nothing is greatly expected of me and my money at the moment. I’m thankful for my parents for letting me with such freedom. But there are times they ask me for cash and it’s always about the electricity bill, so… And I’m planning on the regular Internet, so that’ll be another.

JANUARY 24, 2015: What do you wish you were brave enough to do?
Well, seriously, I wish I were brave enough to approach the guy I like. Oh my God, this is embarrassing! But anyways, this applies to everyone else still. I want to be confident enough to have conversations with any random person I am with in a situation. Aigoo why am I so shy and such an introvert…

JANUARY 25, 2015: Who disappointed you? How?
Sorry, I had to think a little bit about this. Anyways, it’s going to be a superior. I dislike people who promise, who don’t fulfill it and just forget about it, especially because it means nothing to them. I don’t know… I just feel so sad how I work so hard but get compensated like this. But I don’t even want to leave because I believe in them too~

JANUARY 26, 2015: _____ is my favorite color to wear.
I’m sorry – like, when it comes to clothes, I don’t really have a favorite color. It just depends each day, you know? And, say, I like the color pink in general. I don’t have a lot of pink clothes, ironically, so I can’t choose that too. Believe me when I say I thought so hard for this one. Lels

JANUARY 27, 2015: What happened recently that was unfair?
Really? This question? Haha. Everything about work is unfair at the moment. Too much work load with no salary increase yet plus unclear benefits. Yes. But because I believe in the company’s potential, I choose to stay. That is unfair to me too, right? SIGH

JANUARY 28, 2015: If you were cast in a movie, what kind of part would you play?
Well, if I had to be ambitious, I’m going to be the main lead who knows what she wants to do and achieves it. Like, I have a super cool job where I get to dress up and travel. Then I meet the love of my life in a way I do not expect and I’ll have him chasing after me. Oh my God. Hahaha. Imagination gone wild.

JANUARY 29, 2015: What moral dilemma did you have to deal with recently?
I have an issue about premarital sex. No, of course, I haven’t done it – even if I have a boyfriend, I wouldn’t either. That’s why I feel so strongly about this because people in generally think it’s normal and all that. But I refuse to stand by that. I’m going to uphold my belief to do it with my husband and no one else. And I’m seriously praying that I can abide by this.

JANUARY 30, 2015: What would a perfect day look like?
I’m an idealist, so please be ready for a dreamy answer. 🙂 Well, it’d be me traveling overseas (most likely Seoul, lels) and I’m going sightseeing and shopping. Then, when night time comes, I’d be waving my lightstick at a concert. And most importantly, I’d be doing all these with the handsome and cool boyfie/hubby. Aigoooo ♥

JANUARY 31, 2015: Who are you jealous of?
Since I bought her book, Paano Ba To?!, today, the first person I thought of was Bianca Gonzales. I’m jealous because she’s simply pretty and she’s achieved my life goals: traveling and writing. On top of that, she really has a way with words, which is a talent I would seriously want for myself. She’s confident and humble – just life peg. And she got a great catch of a husband. SIGH. My turn will come, right?


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