December Delights

It’s the end of the year – the last day, even – and OMG it feels like time has gone so fast. Cliche realization, I know, but I think that’s just what happened. Of course, December is the month to definitely remember because the last 31 days have been so hectic. I spent my time bonding with family and relatives, hanging out with old friends and meeting new ones from my current job. Even if I can honestly say 2014 isn’t a year that seemed “successful” according to my terms, nevertheless it’s still a momentous time. Or just, 2013 is a tough one to beat. Lels

Well, I shall bequeath you with how my December went~ Looking back, I did much stuff that I’m still thankful for, so LEGGO! .。;・+ヾ(♥◕ฺ∀◕ฺ)ノ゚:。・+

Dec. 8 – Bulua Fiesta

We didn’t really plan things out but it just ended up that we had a small feast for family and close friends. Of course, I invited my high school besties and my college gang as well. Mom told me to invite my workmates but I just wasn’t exactly up to entertaining a lot of people, especially ones that haven’t been to my faraway home. Sorry~~ ㅋㅋㅋ

Kneesa, first visitor!
The simple buffet!

Kneesa was joined by Archie then Jan ^u^

Hey there, Teejay-chan! Busog? d(o^v^o)b
Family picture? Lels it’s Mel June’s mom and lil bro’s first time to come to our home~
Alucard guuuurls ♡
The crazy buds and I + Ella

It was fun but hectic! I couldn’t focus on one group of friends and I don’t even know if I’ve neglected the other or not. Anyways, they’re big already – I think I don’t have to look much into that. And as always, the host never gets to eat enough but oh, well(*ノ∀`*)ノ

Dec. 13 – Thanksgiving Parties of Engineer Friends + Meeting with Anna Mari

Photo grabbed from Irish

I’ve loads of Chemical Engineering friends from high school and even in college because of being a scholar and so, I kind of became a part of the celebrations. And so, that afternoon, I/we first visited my best friend, Jan Karina’s home (the bottom of the two pictures) and after devouring to our stomachs’ content, we then went on a videoke sesh~^^

Dinner was to be 6PM at Abe’s abode. Hence, I used that time in between to meet up with my all around BFF who came home from Cebu, Anna Mari! ♡(´^ิ∀^ิ`*) I miss this madame sooo bad, I wish she just wouldn’t go back. Jk

We haven’t met since May, June? Or just before she left. We had glorious plans to both go to Cebu to work but then I got employed here…

Anyhoo, she became so skinny! Which I got envious of. Lels. I was just so fat and she even teased me about wearing a skirt. Beyotch. (ノД`)ハァ Hahaha

Before leaving Cebu, I told her to buy a white dress for me for our White Christmas-themed party but she wasn’t able to do so because of lack of time. Well, we did the search here in town, touring all malls even as far as SM but to no avail. Anna then invited me to her home for dinner but since, I had a prior appointment, I couldn’t go. Time was so limited for us ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

Dec. 20 – Work Christmas Party

The day has come! It’s the end of the work year and start of the holiday vacation~ Well, after the party, that is. It was such a blissful night that was full of fun and gifts!! Even though we’re a company with just a small number of folks, we’re able to liven the atmosphere as if there were more of us~♪

And because of our overall disdain for photographers (we haven’t really had good experiences with them), we’re left with our own cameras to capture our great moments together. Credits to my co-staff for these!

Feeling dainty. Lels
Told you so! Best friend won the GoPro! ★

I don’t dare say it was interesting but the turn of events was really spectacular that night, more so when speaking of winning the GoPro. There was a contest among us employees to win the gadget but with effort because we made a blog post, garnered likes for it plus made a video. That’s immense, considering we’re working 8+ hours a day, right?  In any case, I got 3rd place, which was big in itself but I failed overall since my Facebook likes weren’t able to support me. Huhu to being unpopular. Kidding! XDD

But since I’m awesome like that, I predicted Teejay would win it, even though she was so not convinced. Haha I wouldn’t want her or anyone bragging though, so it’s cool~ But the story doesn’t end there…

The awaited time of any Christmas gathering would be the exchanging and opening of presents, yes? For my bonus-from-the-boss gift, I got exactly what I want, which was the Korean Picture Dictionary. Then for the group exchange, I did as well: the Simply Guitar Book and DVD and the mini Kor dictionary. I’m hoping that with this rate, I get to really learn the language!

Notice another book though? Well, that’s the Bible Diary 2015 that was also part of my wishlist. During the party, I was already thinking I’m going to buy it myself since I didn’t get it as a gift. Nevertheless, was it a blessing in disguise? Or really, just a bad happening. >_<

An office mate miscalculated things and thought I was the one he was gonna give a present to but it was supposed to be Teejay! Because of that lapse, I felt so bad even if I wasn’t at fault at all. But imagine what Teejay felt though, seeing that she didn’t have any for herself. The festive mood just got ruined – both of us even cried. I myself couldn’t fathom why I felt so responsible though when it wasn’t my freaking mistake!!!

Just.. Teejay got the Go Pro, so all else is forgotten, I think (U。U*)

What I’ll always remember though is the chocolate hater got a Ferrero box for being runner up. I can never let people know enough that I don’t like chocolate. That’s my concern~~

Group photos..

Was only able to join the after party for quite a little bit since I needed to go home for Simbang Gabi. I’ve always aimed to complete it. Here’s some bad news though: I wasn’t able to do so this year ・。・。(ノωQ*泣)。・。・

My heart hurts!!!!! My body just wasn’t cooperating. I even vomited inside the church. The start of the vacation wasn’t so good because I ended up staying at home, in bed. I love the picture but I don’t mean that I’d be bedridden with some sickness! Suuuuuper annoying, srsly – ARGH…

Dec. 26 – Hangout with Relatives

My aunts and my cousin came from Bukidnon to visit for the holidays and so, when my condition was okay already, we all went to buy them some presents and just dine out in the city. There was still the Christmas rush, so there were a lot of people flocking in and out the malls. Oh, well~

I naturally wouldn’t like posing inside the mall but when you’re with family, sometimes it just doesn’t matter anymore. Lels

Dec. 28 – Alucard Girls’ Bonding

I didn’t realize this at first but it was indeed surprising that Joann invited us to have some small party before the year ended. I thought it was with her family but it was actually with us and her boyfie ε≡(ノ´_ゝ`)ノ

The call time was 10AM, I was to meet with Jan and Joann, so that we can go to Kneesa’s house together. But srsly, I’m not very mindful of the date and time when it’s vacation, so.. I didn’t get to wake up early. Hence, when Joann called, I told her to just leave first with Jan and then I shall follow. She said yes, so I didn’t hasten my pace. Hahaha but bottom line, they waited for me! =_=;; We were really behind schedule. We were  still gonna buy our food, cook, then go to Jasaan. Joann even had to go to Lagonglong (wherever that is) but she didn’t take off earlier. Like, she should have done so, because she ended up being late to the whole thing, which sucks~~

At Kneesa’s home that has changed so much!

There were a lot of challenges we faced from shopping to commuting. We were even bringing a whole box full of provisions and there were like, just three of us (excluding Joann for the meantime). Anyways, we got to Basamanggas Resort fine but when it comes to swimming, we had to do it with one left to guard the cottage with our things. We kept calling Joann where she was but circumstances… Jan was not gonna stay the night, so she was not able to spend the time with Joann, who came with her boyfriend around 8PM, while Kneesa and I sang our hearts out in videoke.

Bsta, it was pleasurable. We met some folks too, courtesy of Kneesa because she needed some ice for the drinks. I’ll just say I enjoyed the laughter and jokes but I simply and preferably want clean fun next time (/\*)



Such a looooooong post, right? Haha

Now, I’ve come to know I’ve been busy this last month of the year. And blessed at that. |≧∇≦)ノ Thank You, Lord!!!

I should really spend loads of time with family and friends. My wallet is one to be worried about though. Lels. At least, I appreciate these year end experiences and I want more (ノ★´з`)ノ.☆



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