Mockingjay Part 1 + Pacquiao Win Over Algieri


After work week, I was really keen on staying home ’cause first off, I’m saving money and well, I don’t have anyone particular to go out with. I just planned to perhaps, stay in bed, watch some movies, do some video editing for a Christmas project for work – just all that lazy, I’m-stuck-at-home business.

Woke up late per usual then just proceeded watching Catching Fire, since, yeah, I haven’t seen it yet. Then, one of my barkada, Archie, texted me if I was free at 2:30PM. I was curious, duh, so I texted back, “Why?” And he just said he had free tickets for Mockingjay!!!! I found it funny, I was watching the 2nd movie of the installment and here was someone inviting me to watch the next film. But anyways, it was free, so why pass it up, right?! (v`▽´)v

Fast forward, I ended up actually spending a lot, on FOOD, mind you (・ε・`*) … We ate before the show, which is actually at 3PM. Archie told me it was 2:30PM because it was a block screening and there’s a photobooth. Yay for picture opportunities like this~~ \(○^ω^○)/

SAM_1917Not only that, there were freebies too: some stickers, a Mockingjay pin and most importantly, snacks from Taters!! It isn’t too obvious I love eating, huh? ( ̄ー ̄;)I need to lose weight though..

I had no big expectations about the movie, since I’m not a fan, I haven’t read the series completely and I haven’t even finished Catching Fire. Lels. Anyhoo, it was simply awesome and, of course, bitin. I will forever be amazed at how they made these flicks, from the actors to the production team and all that. How do y’all create masterpieces?? Here’s to waiting for the last film ε=(/*~▽)/

These are the times I like being single. Friends can just call me if they need a companion for such free stuffs. I’m just a ring away, folks. Hahaha

And for today, there’s no other thing to say but…

(AP Photo/Kin Cheung)
(AP Photo/Kin Cheung)


I’m not exactly a patriotic person and it was actually the first time for me to sit down and watch his whole fight, srsly. Maybe because we had pay per view ready but all in all, I was — we were all super hyped. I now understood the hysteria that came with Pacman. Hihihi. Each of his punches and every fall of his opponent just brought us all to stand and scream. It was momentous ★


Was it rest days well spent? (-∀=) Still, payday, please come quick!


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