My heart is breaking right now.. ಢ_ಥ

And it’s not even anything related to love or romance of any sorts.

Life is just unfair, I guess? It just hurts so much, you know, to have invested so much on something… To have trusted and believed such people to be good.

I’m very much a reklamador – I srsly acknowledge that. But in reality, I’m one to bear the weight that is given to me… I do my best, especially when no less is expected of me.. Nevertheless, I’m still a person. I get tired as well…

Maybe it’s my fault to have expected so much?? After all that I have done, I can definitely say I deserve such reward. For the first time, I wanna voice out that feeling of injustice inside of me now… But at the same time, I also wanna keep it to myself.. To just tolerate all this and carry on with life. Then again, should I? Should I just let this pass? It’s so hard that I’m the only one aching….

I don’t know if this can be called giving up but right now, there is just no life that inhabits my being.. I really feel so wronged… What have I done to warrant such inequality?? I always performed and deliver my 100%.

It just kills me that I have to go through each day with his heavy burden. Do I have to live this way? Why can’t I be happy and fortunate too? I can accept such state if I didn’t do anything but I did. There was much devotion…

I always wonder…. Where have I done wrong? I gave it my all..


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