Happy #9YearsofSuperJunior + Hangeng greets on Weibo!


I’m really proud to be part of this fandom – this sapphire blue ocean – and as the photo says, it’s been 9 years already and SJ and ELF are still together!!!

Awwwwwww ♡ (。>ω<)ノ

Boys busy posting on SNS too but what made the day more special was Hangeng’s weibo update about the anniversary~~

#1106HanGengDebut9YearAnniversary #To all those who walked along with me, I love you all

And along with these pictures too. OMG

B1uy0KfCQAABgYM B1uy0piCAAAYyV3B1uy1_iCYAEVxAy B1uy4R2CQAI18vN

It’s great that even if they are not together in distance but in heart, they are ♥

This is also to credit them for making my life soooo much better. Even though nowadays, I’m into new groups, there will be no one else that can beat them. I super love you, Super Junior oppadeul!!!! 。+(b♡∀♡)b°+。

You have been and will always be a source of happiness. Love, ELF~


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