October 24, 2014: #SS5Manila1stAnniversary & @blobyblo-Replies-Me Day

I just would like to commemorate that it has been a year (and a day, it’s already the 25th now) since SS5 Manila!!! O(≧∇≦)O イエイ!!

Anyways, those latter months last year was me busy working and saving up for this concert. Since I was bringing my sister, I’ve to like, be responsible and stuff. Hihi ( ̄∇ ̄;)

But I could remember the anxiety I felt when our flight got cancelled and moved to the next day, which is the concert day already by the way. Almost about to get crazy, really. Good thing my close gal, Ate Kams, lives near the airport, so had a place to stay in. Flew by 7am on the 24th and I was already in a mental breakdown because even if event starts at night, fans are already lining up for VIP. Worries….

Even had a crying fit for tita in Manila didn’t “trust” me, to put it simply, and like, I just wanted her to go and leave us for the day. Would really appreciate being free to move and all~ In any case, waiting was tiring. Switched tickets with someone too, which was so annoying. Too many problems, right?! But all in all, got into the Mall of Asia Arena with my sister to watch Super Junior together, for the first time!!!! So fulfilling, seriously ェ━━ヽ(∀゜ )人( ゜∀)ノ━━イ!!

I’ve watched SS2 and SS3 but it was just by myself and trust me, I enjoyed but it wasn’t the same when you’re with someone close and one who share your interest. And of course, my sister fits the bill ☆。゚It was a crazy, fun, unforgettable affair in our lives, seeing our idols in the flesh, squealing and spazzing together. Getting there brought many difficulties and even some regrets but I truly and sincerely am happy to share that experience with Shiela and do it again with her would be a great blessing~(人’∀’)


Okay~ (●^U^●)

Oh, God. This is real, yeah??

This was just at work yesterday and being the procrastinator that I am (It’s hard to change. Lels), I was up on Twitter ranting and all. Right, I really like being there because I can just say anything and nobody would actually care. Just freedom. I tweet to have fun, to lay off stress, to update on kpop news, to stalk my idols and other artistsㅋㅋㅋ

And well, I’m loving Epik High’s album and all plus I’m such a big fan of Haruuuu (◕ฺー≦)ノ Spoiler, Happen Ending, Born Hater, Amor Fati – all tracks are daebak!! At any rate, just like I usually do, tweet these famous people, don’t even expect they reply, tweet them again. That cycle is familiar to y’all fangirls, right?

After posting, got back to work again. The next thing I knew when I checked my Twitter, I had notifications like, A LOT. And that’s big since I’m just a simple fangirl into Korean music (///ω///)テレテレ♪


If Minzy does collab with Epik High, I’m soooo gonna cry. Even if I know others may have thought about it but Tablo quoted/retweeted/replied me, so gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

This is like, the first time, I get to “connect” with someone gigantically famous. Thank God you speak English, Haru appa, and you read tweets too~ Can you show Mino my Twitter account? Joke!! (ノ∀`♥)




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