Happy Hangul Day!!!

My beat-up, it's-been-so-long-since-I've-used-it Korean language book.
My beat-up, it’s-been-so-long-since-I’ve-used-it Korean language book.

Hangul Day is a Korean holiday which commemorates the creation and usage of hangul, the writing system for the Korean language. Hangul Day is celebrated on October 9th in the Republic of Korea (South Korea) and on January 15th in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea).

A little trivia but in any case, this is just to greet y’all a Happy Hangul Day!!
(●^∀^●)Even though my knowledge on Korean language is still at a level I consider more than basic but not yet intermediate, I’m glad that I have gone so far with this interest. And of my own efforts too (ノ∀ ̄〃)ヘヘヘ This is through the help of books and even my fave kpop songs! ๑→‿ฺ←๑ ♡ Though I really want to enroll in a class to really learn~~ Because, you know, it’s different – perhaps the experience will require focus and seriousness since a teacher and classmates are around and all but I definitely would like that!!! Huhu but I don’t know of any Hangul classes here in CDO ㅠㅠ

((人 ̄▽ ̄) I just hope I get to be fluent in writing and speaking Korean.. It’s such my big aspiration, coupled with going to my dream land too.  It’d be so awesome to watch K-dramas and variety shows not needing and waiting for English subs anymore. Or it’d be me doing sub or translation work.

Ooh, the possibilities…… ♥♥♥


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