Newsflash: Procrastination, Whipped!

It has been an hour since I’ve finished all my work!!!! I deserve some commendation, yes?



Ohmygod. Really. This is such a freaking achievement. 7 blogs done and I have 3 hrs left for nothing! For web surfing and just waaaaah~

Yesterday was a holiday and we had a team meeting. Got to evaluate selves and there, I pointed out myself that I am a perfectionist who is easily distracted. Go figure.

And well, was it an awakening? But lol, I just thought I’d try to not procrastinate today (read: do not open Netizen Buzz, Facebook, Twitter) and freaking fruitcake!!! I DID IT!! O(≧∇≦)O イエイ!!

I amaze myself sometimes.

Huhubells, this is super amazeballs~~~ (●´艸`)フ゛ハッ

It took so much self control, seriously. But like, I should have done this before – ever since! orz I didn’t think I had it in me…


LOVE(=´∀`)。*チュ・゜*キ*。・ In any case, this is such a liberating experience I want to share with you all. You should learn from me~ (lels, feeling so confident already XDD)

Hope to continue this tomorrow. Here’s to more fruitful work days ㅋㅋㅋㅋ


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