Material Girl Goes Christmas (Window) Shopping


It’s still the first 3 days of October but it’s evident that Christmas is almost here. Gaaaah, time goes by so fast! ε===(っ≧ω≦)っ

And at the office, we’re already talking about wish lists and exchanging of gifts. Aigoo. I love receiving gifts ♪ I usually buy for myself and I like the thought of someone going out of their way to give you something~ ㅋㅋ

(Sappy much -_-;;)

Anyhoo, bosses are giving us presents worth 1K so we were told to do some shopping and to come up with 3 items we wanted. They will then pick one of them..

Didn’t have much time to look around because I have been ending work late but here goes~~ I’m honestly disappointed because even though I know 1K is a big amount, I could only find those that are beyond that limit.  I really don’t know if things are expensive or I like expensive things (ノД`)・゜・。


☆: Cash

☆: Gift Certificate at the SM Department Store

☆: Portable DVD player


The last one costs 1, 800 ㅠㅠ But just wrote it down since it’s Christmas and sales do come so… anticipating!!! Chose cash since I couldn’t find anything at all, really~ And I also have that Parisian sandals + wallet I wanted in SM, and I’m too kuripot to buy them myself (or no, I was to buy already but no stock XD) so, that’s that…

オォォーーー!! w(゚ロ゚;w(゚ロ゚)w;゚ロ゚)w オォォーーー!!

Did you sense a but? Lol

We also have the exchange gift stuff with workmates and bosses and it’s for 500 bucks! (・∀・)

Went to the malls again but just ended up at National Book Store. We were told to make a top 3 wish list again and I think books are a safe bet. Asking for clothes or bags isn’t likely for me because first, the party’s still in December so what I want now may not be in stores by then. Next, I might not like what they buy (since I may have an expected one in mind) and I’m not really good with faking my expression in times like these~ (〃 ̄ω ̄〃ゞ

I’m still choosing among these…


☆: Tuttle Publishing’s Essential Korean – Php 500

☆: Tuttle Publishing’s Mini Korean Dictionary – Php 395

☆: Hangul – Wikang Korean – Primary Korean – Php 340

☆: Basic Vocabularies for Speaking (Korean) 1 & 2 – Php 250 each

☆: Dance First. Think Later: 618 Rules to Live By – Php 395

☆: Chicken Soup for the Soul at Work – Php 295


I know, I know. I’m so guilty~ キャッ(/д\*))((*/Д\)キャッ

I think I seriously like Korean everything. But because I’m not one to buy them myself. Might as well get them as a gift, right? (◕ฺv◕ฺ)

Planning to also ask for a handwritten letter of 300 to 500 words. Puhahaha! That’s my limit and deadline everyday ><

And I found Oxford’s English-Korean Picture Dictionary!!! It’s for 915 bucks so I told my superior today to replace one from my original list. ^∪^♡ I fell in love with it! As its title says, there are a lot of photos so studying Hangul would definitely be easier. I hope it would be!! My Hangul skills are still – you know, I can read and write it but my sentence structure and words are still at basic level.

Hmm. I also have these that I just want to let out. I’m not expecting to buy and/or receive them this year but well, a (material) girl can wish, yes?


☆: Fujifilm instax camera

☆: 1TB external

☆: Powerbank

☆: Winner debut album + Winner TV DVD

☆: SJ Mamacita albums

☆: SJ shirts


Eeeeeeh, money, where are you…

I can only hope and pray (〃ゝω・人)


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