I’m just different

Was supposed to post the following days ago but net deprived forever 😦 Nevertheless, here goes…


Cough and flu is killing me lately but it’s def not stopping me from still staying up late and stuff. Gaaaah I gotta control myself sometimes!!!! –_–;;

Anyhoo. Today, I was right on time at work, which was so unexpected because: a) woke up late, b) left home late, c) slow commute, and d) I wasn’t really rushing anymore because y’know in my head, I was like, “Late na btaw ko.” Lels so, right. I was just on time and then opened my task list and saw it was chill-chill ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ how to explain…. Haha

And here comes the funny and weird part~~ So I have been writing blog articles for almost a month now (like, everyday, imagine) and even though, I’m passionate about writing, you know, it just drowns you at times. Like, what else can I write? What words can I still use? How do I express this (topic)? My mind is a complete chaos and thoughts arise like, “I’m done! Please?!

It just gets to that point somehow.

Hence today, I think God and my boss, apparently heard my silent pleas since last Fri, I was given some, again, chill-chill tasks. But at the end part of shift today, I was told to do/study some coding stuff at codehs.com!!!!

Okay, you may not understand but I’ve honestly thrown away programming because it’s really just not my interest, even though I am a graduate of that field (WTF, right?!!) and I’m just getting on with life. Lels

But doing it again today made my heart—flutter…? It’s so weird like.. Maybe because I was so involved with 500-word articles everyday that anything away from it is making me ecstatic? Hahahaha. But srsly. It made me think, “What if I studied this well in school?” Regrets, regrets. Tch~

Well, I could certainly admit it was quite fun, especially when I got the exercises right. Gaaaah I can’t help but feel so kilig. Weeeeeeh *u*


And well, I’m now a REGULAR employee!!!! That’s after three months I started working. So yeah, a raise is due and I’m totally excited (my shopping list is growing by the minute ㅋㅋ). I srsly need to save though so gaaaah but I want to “reward” myself. Puhahaha. As if XDD

I sincerely wish my life isn’t all work though~♦


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