The irony of it all

So some people have said I’m blooming, which I can’t get the gist of because for the past weeks, I’ve been into so much stress. Work has been a struggle of great intensity, with my emotions sometimes getting the best of me. And the worse is yet to come, since today, the 5-member writers team has downgraded back to 3 members. Wheeew. The decision was for the betterment of the company and us employees in the long run, but the reality still sticks: work load will be more than ever. And I’m already tired as hell. This is before my regularization in September too. Oh, joy.

Here are my latest selcas…


These were taken last August 15, and that is a statement in itself: that I have srsly no time to take pictures anymore. That says a lot, really, ’cause I’m such a camera whore, you know?

Look at the eyebags too. Remind me why I’m blooming again?? It doesn’t make sense at all. Even so, a big part of me is thrilled since, “Wow! Really?” Or should I credit the beauty products I use? Chos.

If I were to pinpoint a reason why I’m said to be blooming, I can just answer you with: Super Junior and Winner. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Of course, it’s no surprise I had to put kpop in the equation. But well ♥ On the other hand, they do stress me out too, financially at most. What, with All About SJ DVD + Photobook done, I have Winner debut album, Winner TV DVD and the upcoming Super Junior 7집 to worry about. Aigooo and with such a meager income at that. How can I live ㅠㅠ futhermore, with no friends and/or lovelife luck,
I’m left with this passion to nurture~

And since I saw this on Twitter (where I’m most active right now),
lemme share this ^^


But….. money…? ㅜㅅㅜ


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